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Prove to me where I was paid to campaign for a presidential candidate - Chioma Akpotha dares Georgina Onuoha

Chioma Akpotha and Georgina Onuoha Chioma Akpotha and Georgina Onuoha

The social media argument between Nollywood actresses Chioma Akpotha and Georgina Onuoha, a former colleague, has become uglier.

Georgina Onuoha had criticized Chioma Akpotha for crying out about the mistakes made in her polling unit on Saturday, February 25 during the polls.

On the election day, Chioma Akpotha went on Instagram live to lament the violence and misappropriations that took place at her polling unit.

Onuoha reacted to Chioma's laments by recalling how Chioma requested in her direct message (DM) during the 2019 general election that she stop should sharing posts criticizing the rigging and violence seen in several parts of the country.

Onuoha stated that Chioma told her to think of her brand as such posts could be harmful to her status and brand.

After the elections on Febraury 25, Onuoha also criticised Chioma for chasing clouts with the same incident she had once criticised her of.

She criticized Chioma for only displaying bravery, compassion, and understanding when it directly affects her.

Chioma who had been healing from the trauma of the incident, responded to her and challenged Georgina to show proof that she had been paid by any politician to campaign for them.

She warned Georgina that she would hear from her lawyers if she fails to provide evidence of her being paid to campaign for a presidential candiadte.

Social media users also criticised Chioma for playing a victim when she was only served with what she had served Onuoha years back.

They avised that Chioma apologises to Onuoha for she was wrong.

See some comments below:

gennyngum: "Georgia was right. Never you stay in silence when others are in pains"

princesssiobhan4881: "Exactly what happened to you is what Georgina was trying to prevent from happening to you and Nigerians 4yrs ago you said she “insinuated” that you where paid to campaign “insinuation” = Alleged"

roselyn__: "You are actually the one in the wrong here Chioma"

mizzosuare: "Can everybody just rest. Save your energy, you'll need it for this 8 years."

mizzosuare: "Can everybody just rest. Save your energy, you'll need it for this 8 years."

Watch Chioma seak below: