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Tabloid News of Wednesday, 16 September 2020

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Politician went viral after uploading over 10,000 photos on his Facebook at once

The Bangladeshi politician posted over 10k photos on his FB timeline at once The Bangladeshi politician posted over 10k photos on his FB timeline at once

Before the invention of social media, politics the world over was somewhat a boring affair.

Then, public rallies and other events were the only places different politician could interact with their followers and supporters.

However, social media came and boom, every politician was on the various available platforms as the scramble for online fans and the need to grow a digital fan base began.

While some politicians would use the social media platforms once in a while, others became "digital experts" and gave their competitors a run for their money with the type of content shared on their pages as well as the numbers they attracted on the same.

Bangladeshi Minister of Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader recently proved to the world he is the best social media user on the planet by making the most posts in a singe day.

Quader who is also a Member of Parliament representing Noakhali-5 constituency set a world record by posting over ten thousand photos of himself on Facebook in a single post.

The politician started by posting 10,594 photos, before adding 35 more photos of himself on the said day.

Most people who interacted with the said posts wondered what was running in the politician's head when he was splashing his timeline with countless photos of himself.

Some even thought he had been hacked but their fears were cancelled by the fact that the account only shared Quader's photos.

A look through the politician's account which is still very active to date shows he is a huge lover of himself and taking photos.

Quader usually posts more than ten photos at a go and most of his posts are just his own photos in different poses.

To honour him, Facebook even verified his account and gave him the blue tick badge.

It was gathered that Quader has been the General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami League since October 2016.

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