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Only men still marry for love – Lady sparks debate on Twitter, women react

The photo used to illustrate the story The photo used to illustrate the story

Social media was thrown into a frenzy after a South African lady opined that men are the only people in the world who still marry for love.

The lady who is identified as Usisi Nandi made this known via her Twitter handle.

According to her, women have stopped marrying for love, they only settle for rich men with the hope of falling in love during the marriage.

Her tweet generated some reactions on the social media portal.

“Sadly only Men still marry for love, Women marry for money hoping to fall in love later,” she wrote.

@TanyaLebo_: wrote: "Sis stop smoking weed, men marries who they think bring peace meaning they marry who they can manipulate and take advantage of!"

Reacting, a Twitter user @WandiileNkovu wrote, “Lol nah. Some men marry women because of they can offer them. Then cheat with the ones they love.

@birdyblossom who had a contrary opinion, wrote: “Social media is a bit different than real life…outside of social media I don’t know women like this. When a girl tells me she likes someone she starts out by saying “he’s funny, sweet, good looking, etc” I don’t know women who are immediately like “he makes 6 figures”

@ParisGreyy: :Just like women can’t be figured out men can’t either she is dead wrong … men don’t choose just anybody to marry … there’s not logic in that..wen we are ready we choose who shows us the most desirable traits…this has nothing to do with the one that got away"

@Tdelantec1: “Wait a minute!!!! You cant say that out loud on here! Your homegirls not gonna like this bc they swear they marrying for love off the top! So they lying is what you are saying?!”

@QueenKittyNB wrote: "My ex husband didn't love me he married me for STATUS... to look good.. Then another ex wanted to marry me cause of how I functioned, clout and what a couple represented. But not out of love, more possession."

@ItsMe_Beepz: "Marriage HAS NEVER been about love for women.
From the beginning of time, what determined a man's eligibility is how well he can provide."

@Lyioguong: “Alot of men marry for convenience lol. They’ll marry you cause you can cook and clean not because they love you”