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Entertainment of Monday, 29 June 2020

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Nollywood slammed for always casting old actors, actresses for young characters

Some Nollywood actors, actresses in school uniforms Some Nollywood actors, actresses in school uniforms

Nigerians have criticized the Nollywood movie industry for always casting old actors and actresses in roles meant to portray a young character.

An example is a case whereby an actress in her 40s is made to play the role of a secondary school girl in uniform or a campus girl.

The subject was brought up by writer Olajumoke who believes the trend prevents youngsters fit for such roles from breaking into the industry.

Olajumoke wrote: "Nollywood is still casting Fathia Balogun for roles 23 years olds should easily play. If you see 20-24 years old playing an important role, then he/she is the producer. An industry with no space for youngins

She added: "This happened in Hollywood; to Amanda Bynes. She was so good, but producers just couldn't stop offering her 'teenager' roles. She didn't get a career growth at all, her contemporaries surpassed her. She slipped into depression, heavy drug use and attempted suicide several times".

Below are some reactions gathered by

@Kennymanthegame wrote: "The Yoruba section of Nollywood has something called caucuses. The caucus thing stunts growth of new actors in their section. That's why to be known there as a new actor. You have to produce your own film. A lot of new actors don't have the experience to produce good films".

@djyne wrote: "You haven't seen Ronke Oshodi Oke acted secondary school girl with uniform as big as she is? This is one thing i hate about Nollywood. And it ain't gonna stop it seems".

@Adaydayjy wrote: "I always have this conversation with my brother who was in the industry for a while albeit short-lived. There's very little room for career growth especially in the Yoruba genre of the industry except you're with deep pockets or from one of the top dogs there".

@hey_jorkeh wrote: "And when they include new people in the movie the first question you guys will ask is “who is this one”. Thereafter, you change channel/movie because your favourite characters aren’t there... these people are interested in the returns on the money they’ve invested".

Olajumoke responded to hey_jorkeh's tweet: "You're very correct. But don't you think it's because we're used to prolonged use of old faces? If seeing new faces was a norm, many viewers wouldn't have issues with it. Now, when I see a new face, I automatically look out for their name in the producer's credit".

@koxerxes wrote: "What of the likes of RMD and Nouah still playing old papa youngi and still get casts for Glo adverts.where as younger guys can fill up such roles easily. Their faces bore me whenever I see dem in movies or advert I lose interest".

@skinbyruth wrote; "If you produce a film in Nigeria without known faces playing key roles, you are on your own oh. No TV station would buy it. In fact, it is a major criterion if you want your movie to be bought".

@amtgbanks wrote: "I had this discussion with someone in the industry and he said they use the known faces to sell the movie. it's all about making money for them. to me that's a low low..but they don't care and it works for them".

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