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Entertainment of Thursday, 1 September 2022


Nigerian rappers now sing for popularity – M I Abaga

MI Abaga, Rapper MI Abaga, Rapper

Nigerian rapper, MI Abaga has shared his thoughts on the current trends of music.

According to him, most Nigerian artistes now sing just to become popular.

He noted that although Afrobeats are currently the most popular music in Nigeria, there are few rappers who are still very much shining.

MI was of the view that many rappers or artists who began as rappers are now singing more to promote their songs and gain popularity.

In an interview with The Beat 99.9FM MI was asked, “It seems like a lot of rappers or artistes that started off as rappers then ventured off into singing. That’s where the misconception that rappers are not really doing that great stemmed from. So what do you say to the rappers or the musicians who maybe started off as rappers and then ventured off into singing when they saw that rap wasn’t really paying the bills?“.

M.I responded saying:

I would say that there are rappers who are rappers. There are rappers who are musicians. There are musicians who will rap. So you think about Styl Plus and Shifi who is not a rapper, but he has verses that are arguably some of the most popular verses in Nigerian history. And then you have people like Mode 9 who is a rapper’s rapper, he is not doing a melody. In the middle, you have a lot of people who dabble between the two: myself, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, Naeto C. And I would say that that is even part of the fabric of Hip Hop. Let’s go back to like Bone Thugz. Let’s go back to like Nelly or Ja Rule, it’s part of the fabric of hip hop. I don’t think it’s a new thing, I think it’s something that should be encouraged. I have a line in “Rappers Fix Up Your Life” where I say, “Rappers are singing now just to get popular”. And I think people interpreted that to mean rappers shouldn’t sing. I was saying if you are a rapper, and the only reason you are singing is to get popular, I have a problem with that. But if you’re just an artiste making dope content and putting that out, I encourage that. I always have. I was singing on my first album, on “Forever” and many songs. So I believe as an artiste, do what inspires you.