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Entertainment of Thursday, 18 August 2022


Nigerian musicians who ran away from the country to live abroad

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Nigeria is many different things. It is exciting, alive, full of delicious food, hilarious people, a diverse culture, and heart. Nigeria can be difficult as well.

These Nigerian artists wanted to move to a country that was more tranquil, less stressful, and had better working amenities because they had had enough of the drama and chaos that came with Nigeria.

Below are Nigerian Musicians Who Fled The Country To Live Abroad;


Nigerian singer Tekno relocated from Nigeria quite some time ago. Speaking comically in an Instagram video about his decision, Tekno said:

Y’all already know I moved out of Nigeria since they called It UAR. I’m not from UAR or a supporter of that. I’m a Nigerian and I will only come back when the country becomes Nigeria again but for now I’m based in the United States


A well-known artist and producer from Nigeria, Samklef, has chosen to live abroad. Samklef still creates Afrobeats music from his current residence in the United States.


Nigerian singer Eldee responsible for such hits as Bosi Gbangba, Big Boy, Today Today, I Go Yarn, and more is one artiste that relocated away from Nigeria a long time ago.

Earlier last year when fellow singer Simi tweeted saying, “I used to be so hopeful for Nigeria, but now, just driving on the streets gives me anxiety. Seeing police officers with guns gives me anxiety. Someone suddenly walking up to me gives me anxiety. Hate it here.”, Eldee responded to the tweet saying:

This is a major part of why I left. I was hopeful too, I love her still but I love my physical, social and mental health more. Tough decision but the best so far.


Another musician who has relocated out of Nigeria is the musician, Yung6ix. Yung6ix now lives in America and recounted a story to his followers about the time when he got robbed while trying to move into his apartment overseas. He said:

My car got robbed. Had my whole life in that car. My laptop with my new album and mixtape. about $5,000 – $7,000 cash, Black Magic 6k camera, 4 iPhones my ps5 and studio recording equipment while I was moving into my new apartment.


The Toh Bad crooner revealed in an interview with Chude that she left Nigeria quite some time ago. Speaking about her decision to leave Nigeria for Los Angeles in America, Niyola said:

I moved to L.A. primarily because I was sick, I’m not gonna lie, I was sick of being here. I felt like there was a ceiling over my head. I can’t get past this space. Like how do you grow in a place where you haven’t even discovered a quarter of yourself but it’s too much. How do I find the best version of myself if I cannot even be the best of me yet? I felt that I needed to get out and be in an open space and fly free. And that’s why I left.