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Entertainment of Monday, 20 November 2023


'Music money is like ritual' - Shallipopi

Shallipopi Shallipopi

Nigerian singer Shallipopi has provided intriguing insights into the extraordinarily profitable structure of the music industry in an interview with Zero Conditions, drawing comparisons between the returns and ceremonial practices.

The musician, who is widely known for the hit song "Elon Musk," discussed how his excessive wealth from music has changed his financial situation.

The podcast host questioned Shallipopi about how he manages his finances, focusing on how he strikes a balance between providing for his family, saving money, and establishing boundaries when friends and family make demands.

The host asked: “How do you find a balance between giving to family members, saving for yourself and knowing when to draw the line?”

Shallipopi answered the question by saying that the music business is quite lucrative and that, despite giving generously to family and friends, his financial resources seem limitless.

He acknowledged that the success of his most recent chart-topping songs had only recently made him realize the true worth of music.

He said: “You will never understand music money. Music money is like ritual, there’s too much money in music that you cannot understand at all. Even if you’re a artiste that came out in one month and your song is just big, no worry.

"Me now, I no dey balance anything; if my family request, I dey give because I know that, the music will not stop. Even if I stop singing, the music I’ve dropped will continue giving me money."