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Entertainment of Friday, 6 January 2023


Most Nollywood celebrities own fake social media pages – Yetunde Bakare claims

Yetunde Bakare, Actress Yetunde Bakare, Actress

Actress Yetunde Bakare has said that most Nollywood celebrities own fake social media pages and toxic fan groups.

According to her, these celebrities use the fake pages to secretly troll their colleagues in the industry.

In a post she made, Yetunde noted that she would say a special prayer for celebrities who do not engage in such act.

The actress prayed that the blessings in the Bible and Quran would manifest in the lives of such celebrities who hate secret trolling. Adding that they will be mightily blessed and won’t struggle to shine.

“If you are in Nollywood industry and you don’t own fake pages or toxic fan groups that you groom to troll your colleagues in secret…I have a special prayer for you”.

He post read;

I PRAY FOR YOU from the bottom of my heart with Everything in Me

You’ll call on 1 and 10,000 shall answer you and all the BLESSINGS in the Bible/Quran shall locate you !

You’ll be greatly and mightily blessed beyond human reasoning… the mercy and favor of God will speak for you ! The goodness of God shall follow you and even your generations yet unborn shall be marked for divine mercy,blessings and Upliftment !

Your star will never struggle to shine .. Ona atije, Ona atimu ko ni di mo yin Eni se eru egbe … You’ll never know a better yesterday

As I’ve prayed for you so shall it be for me and mine

Hmmm some people will troll you and you’ll know it’s an enemy within.