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LifeStyle of Thursday, 17 September 2020

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Know your partner’s health status before engaging in oral sex – Sexpert advices

Sex coach, Akosua Davies, has advised that people should not just engage in oral sex without having consulted the doctor to find out if there is an underlying health issue.

Speaking with Adwen, Ghana’s only love Doctor one eTV Ghana’s adult programme ‘In Bed with Adwen’, she stated that oral sex, just like everything else, has its pros and cons, therefore although very good, couples should not be in a rush to engage in the act simply for the purpose of pleasing and satisfying each other.

She said, “Not everyone is neat so if you have a partner who doesn’t have multiple sexual partners and is neat, goes to see the doctor from time to time to check if they have any infection like candidiasis, HPV and others and it turns out negative, then you can go ahead.

Some women have multiple sexual partners. Today they have sex with this person, the next day another and when they get infections, they don’t treat it so their vagina is all messy. With this person, I won’t advise that you lick her vagina”.

According to Akosua, transferring of illnesses during oral sex can not only come from the woman but from the man as well. Men can also transfer some illnesses from the mouth into the vagina.

She mentioned that it is even possible for one to get an allergic reaction after licking a girl’s vagina if there is an infection or any problem that needs treatment. Per this, she advised that not every vagina is suitable for oral sex, hence partners should take medical tests and be sure that they both are clean enough to give and receive either a blow job or cunnilingus.

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