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In our culture, Kiddwaya shouldn’t be seen with a girlfriend - Terry Waya

File photo: Terry Waya and son, Kiddwaya File photo: Terry Waya and son, Kiddwaya

Nigerian billionaire businessman and socialite Terry Waya, popularly known as Mr Versace, is a 55-year-old London-based Tiv man who hails from Benue State, a region in Nigeria’s middle belt.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Times, Terry Waya shared his views on his son’s conduct in the Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) House, Season 5 lockdown edition.

What is the quality he displayed in the Big Brother House that you never knew he had?

I have never seen my son be as patient as he is in the Big Brother House. He is someone who has a bit of a temper. I am amazed at his level of patience.

As his father how would you describe Kiddwaya?

Kiddwaya is very homely, brilliant, articulate and very respectful.

Do you see your son emerging as this year’s winner of the BBNaija season 5 lockdown?

Maybe or maybe not, because it’s not like an election. It’s more like a lottery because things do change as you have been following the show. Those who were at the top are now at the bottom; those who are at the bottom are now at the top.

One doesn’t know the dynamics of the show; we are always waking up to a different game. My son was formerly in the top 5, but now he has dropped.

Let me give an example. One of them was put on eviction three times and is now up. So as I said before, it’s an unpredictable game.

My son has the qualities to win. If he wins, it’s a plus. Even if he doesn’t win, he has done well.

Looking at the relationship between Erica and Kiddwaya, what’s your take as a father?

I don’t have much to say. Those are just infatuations and emotions because they are in an enclosed place. When he comes out of the Big Brother House at the end of it, all we know.

Aside from that, in our culture, he is not supposed to be seeing a girlfriend. The only time he is to be seen with a girlfriend is when he brings someone home and introduces her as a wife for marriage. What is going on now is all rumours.

What are the plans you have for Kiddwaya after Big Brother?

He is 27. When I was his age, my dad didn’t know where I was. Our parents didn’t marry for us. Nowadays, the reverse is the case; we marry for our children.

That’s why a lot of marriages are collapsing because the two couples know that the wedding is being sponsored by their parents, so they are not independent.

When he is back from the house, whatever he chooses to do let him do. As long as it’s legitimate and not illegal, he has my blessings. I think he should take a break first, then when he is back he can decide what he wants to do.