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Entertainment of Tuesday, 12 January 2021


Igbo woman with Yoruba tribal marks traces dad to Ibadan

An Igbo woman with tribal marks is on an aggressive search of her Yoruba father who reportedly lives in Ibadan.

Identified simply as Vivian, the woman who looks to be in her mid-30s said she is confused about her ancestry.

According to BCOS, she wants to know whether to identify as Igbo or Yoruba.

The report also stated that Vivian was adopted by a chieftain, Alhaji Nureni Akanbi, as a way to give the woman a sense of belonging till her biological father who is called Balogun is found.

She said the current confused state in which she finds herself has affected her relationships and destroyed many opportunities at finding a life partner.

Vivian revealed that whenever a man was in a relationship with her, the question of where she belongs always came up. Her inability to give a straight answer has dealt her a big blow, Legit reports.

She said there were times when she alternated between being a Yoruba and an Igbo.

The woman went ahead to say that she was told her father was a soldier who was never approved of by her mother’s family, Legit said.

When Vivian was was little, she was forcibly taken from her father to Enugu as all connections with the man were severed.

Another interesting thing about her story was that she never knew she had tribal marks as a child because her relatives forbade her from using a mirror.

Alhaji Nureni Akanbi, the Arole Iba Oluyole, received her when she came to Ibadan and assured the lady that she will be supported by the community to search for her father known as Balogun.

To put the woman’s mind at rest, Nureni said he will adopt her till the time her father shows up.

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