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If your son prioritises you over his wife then you’ve failed as a mother - Comedian Craze Clown

Comedian Craze Clown Comedian Craze Clown

Comedian, Emmanuel Iwueke popularly known as Craze Clown, has taken to social media to share his thoughts on mother, son relationship.

On his Twitter page, the comedian noted that a mother has failed when her son prioritizes her over his wife.

His post reads;

''As a Mother, if your son prioritise you over his wife then you’ve failed as a Mother''

However, netizens took to his comment section to share their views.

Big Baby: Most men actually prioritize their wife and kids over their parents but that doesn’t mean they don’t love their parents….it’s just how it’s supposed to be
And 99% of women always prioritize their husbands too

Ms. Sweet Soul: "Prioritises" is the key word.

If you Prioritise someone over another, it means the person prioritised comes first but the ideal is if you marry your wife comes first.

That's the first lesson a good mum will teach/show her son & it doesn't mean he loves her less

Olugbenga: If you have a failed or wicked mum don’t compare them to others, or better still keep the tweet to yourself and stop embarrassing your family.

Ọlánrewájú: I swear bro this got me like mad
Shey my own mummy na one girl go dey compete on with priority I will go for my mom 100 million times

integrity.stark: unfortunately many men don't see this, they prioritize their mother before their wife.
They argue that the wife is not a member their family and can leave anytime but their mothers can't leave them, some even say their mother suffered for them before they met their wives.