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Entertainment of Sunday, 19 March 2023


'If you're APC supporter, don’t come close to me' - Denola Grey

Denola Grey Denola Grey

Nigerian actor and media personality Denola Grey has reacted to rampant violence and intimidation of voters during the current elections for the governorship and house of representatives that are affiliated with the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The actor expressed his disgust with the All Progressives Congress on the microblogging site Twitter, which has been linked to some of the violence at several polling units in Lagos state.

Denola blamed the APC supporters for the attack, and told them he didn't like or want them near him.

According to the media personality they supported the APC out of a desire to spend money that wasn't theirs.

He wrote: "“Honestly if you support APC you’re complicit. I do not respect you. I don’t want you around me. There is no room for neutrality in this. This is blatant evil. All this because of greed? Because you want to steal and “chop” money that doesn’t belong to you? Curses are too calm. Hell is too cold.”

Read some comments to his post

mansherry_YOMI: "I delivered 188 votes for the APC. I no send your Papa!!! Keep crying to satisfy your mob!!!!!!"

ThatAbbass: "Making same mistake over and over again. In real depth, APC as a party is not your problem. With the same people, LP may even be worse when they full get power, but you'd not agree It's the same Nigerians LMAO"

big___debs: "Some of you overestimate your importance"

lekky29: "Olofo thinking like ologo. Ekoshi danu who care about what you feel."

holorunbiggest: "I didn’t supported Apc in presidential election but this governorship election I support sanwo olu cos he performed and did well . Your hate for Apc can’t let be turned blind eyes to someone who don’t offend me and trying is best for Lagos state"

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