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Tabloid News of Wednesday, 17 February 2021

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'I've forgiven my sister who stole my husband' - Woman says she trusted her lover

When Lillian Migwi got married to the love of her life years ago, she at no point envisioned losing him to her younger sister.

The two met when they were both still in college and waited upon each other until they graduated before getting married.

Her husband was so good that she trusted every word and order he made, including convincing her to log out of all social media channels like WhatsApp.

She told's Lynn Ngugi: "I never thought we would reach that point where my sister would betray me, or go with my husband."

Lillian admitted that the mistake she made was trusting him too much to afford him the freedom to hang around her sister given his exemplary character.

When Lillian was pregnant with their second child, she got hold of her husband's phone and noticed a series of M-pesa messages sent to her sister.

She said: "What I do not know is where my sister got my husband's number."

Upon questioning him, he gave a convincing excuse that made her believe it was all a mistake. The trend did not stop though.

She would learn this the hard way when her brother downloaded WhatsApp back on her phone and a romantic graphic from Lillian's husband to her sister popped up.

Lillian's mother confronted her younger sister who remained adamant that she had no plans of leaving her brother-in-law.

"It was painful Lynn, but I made my choice," she remembered.

When she gave birth to their son, the runaway husband tried convincing her to settle back with him as a first wife, and the sister would be the second. She turned down the offer.

Lillian is open to being married again, but she maintains that whoever approaches her must be ready and willing to accept and embrace her two children.

She advises women who have been heartbroken before to stop wallowing in self-pity and hold their heads high.

"Don't lose hope," she reiterated.

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