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Entertainment of Thursday, 9 November 2023


'I can’t be intimidated' - Abu Salami speaks after alleged arrest by Davido

Abu Salami and Davido Abu Salami and Davido

Popular Nigerian musician Davido has made it clear that he will neither threaten or harass Abu Salami.

The Afrobeats singer makes it clear that he is not easily frightened and emphasizes his resolve to see this litigation through to the end.

Abu Salami's accusation that Davido owed him 218 million Naira for a football project sparked the argument. Even with the money deal, Davido is accused of not keeping his end of the contract.

After openly criticizing Davido, Abu Salami and Davido got into a furious Twitter argument.

The news that Abu Salami had been detained by the authorities last week only made matters worse.

There were rumours that Abu Salami was scared by Davido's strong upbringing and celebrity status.

Leaked chats reveal that Davido wanted to pay the amount, but his father discouraged him, suggesting that the issue be taken to court.

This gave rise to rumours that Davido's attorneys would win in court.

Davido expressed his embarrassment about the public argument, saying Abu Salami had been so honest in expressing his complaints. He acknowledged that the incident had destroyed his happiness when he and Chioma welcomed their twins.

Abu Salami, however, offered another viewpoint, emphasizing that he was brought in by police for questioning rather than being arrested.

They are said to have discussed topics like bullying, harassment, and cyberthreats. Abu Salami insisted on his innocence and declared that he would not be intimidated or kept silent.

He reiterated his determination to recover the 218 million Naira he feels is rightfully his, adding that he is fighting for the footballers who are entrusted to his care as well as for himself.

Additionally, Abu Salami expressed gratitude to his family and the people who were rooting for him and vowed not to give up.