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Entertainment of Saturday, 6 August 2022


I am very Obidient - Comedian Ogbolor on supporting Peter Obi

Popular Nigerian actor, comedian and On-Air Personality Michael Uba, better known as Ogbolor, has confirmed that he is a devoted supporter of the Labour Party (LP)'s candidate in the next presidential election, Peter Obi.

Ogbolor, who made this confirmation during a chat with, said even though he is not a member of any political party, not even the LP, he is supporting the candidature of Peter Obi because of his antecedents.

The actor added that Peter Obi seems like the only hope that Nigerians have currently, as the other major candidates are known for "a lot of corruption allegations".

When asked if the Peter Obi movement isn't just a social media sensation without a solid physical presence, Ogbolor said:

"The Peter Obi movement is not just a social media rant like people think. This was the notion some people had when we started EndSARS, and I remember them saying it is just social media rants. They don't know the power of social media, and it is the place to start to light the candle; it was done during the EndSARS. It started online, and it went physical everywhere all over the world.

Ogbolor also added that Nigerians are tired and frustrated. He said they might be ranting on social media now but by the time they gather physically, those saying it's just a social media rant will know what they are in for.

He also said right now, Peter Obi seems like the hope Nigerians have as the two other major candidates are people, many Nigerians are tired of.

"They are people who have made a lot of promises in times past but have never really fulfilled much. We are tired of the same faces, we are tired of Godfatherism, they don't have much to offer.

The actor also revealed that he wasn't initially a Peter Obi's supporter but became one is because of Obi's antecedents when he was governor of Anambra state.