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LifeStyle of Sunday, 17 May 2020

Source: MyNigeria

How Christian is changing the world one song at the time during this pandemic

In the day, Christian Ededhor is a lawyer, dressed in the legendary black and white and fighting the law courts arguing, debating terms like truth and justice. Every other time he is not drafting a legal document, he is a firm believer of a concept known as "social engineering," what he describes as "the best human practices that will guarantee our continuity."

Last month, after enduring a rather arduous lockdown, Christian came up with a song titled "Together as one." A song preaching unity, strength and togetherness especially in times like this. Chris mentions social engineering as one of the inspiring factors for this song.

"The inspiration for my song came from my innate drive towards social engineering. Ideas are stock up in my head about the good society, about the best human practices that will guarantee our continuity. All I had to do was to convert those ideas into a song, because I felt music could serve as an avenue to send out my message."

For Chris Eddie, unity is the best bet in thriving over coronavirus.

His words: "Our best bet in the face of this affliction is to unite and find a way out of the pandemic. I also tried to address the issue of racism and religious bias in the song. These amongst other things are primary sources of disunity in our world today. I believe the purpose of singing the song was achieved, especially from the reactions I got both from far and wide."

The reggae song carried lots of positivity with carefully crafted lyrics like "Yes, We, together" repeated severally. Christian is truly optimistic in the fight against this deadly virus and believes there is great strength in cooperation.

"Scientists and Nations worldwide have come up with individual remedies to stop this virus. These remedies are not the same and their effects are different. If we can have a meeting of minds, to try and combine the available remedies to see which one best suits the solution or a combination of any or all that gives the best result, then we are on course for a victory over the virus. So I recommend sharing of ideas by nations as the solution," he suggested.

Probably due to social distancing and the forced order to shut down the country for a few weeks, "Together as one" was produced within a month and conceived in a day. Chris likens it to his musical background.

"The song was conceived in a day and as I pondered on what our world has become. It was easy for me to put my thoughts to sound because I have a good background in music. I have been around music all my life. I had access to Church instruments and I thereafter availed myself in a musical environment especially in Church till date. The production of the song was within a month," he recounts.

So far, "Together as one" has been played by several radio stations in the country and by the thousands that have come across the song.

"The feedback has been superb, ranging from the surprise at my decision to doing the song and the art I applied towards the song. The message in the song was so commended by most people and the genre which is almost eroding away was appreciated. The whole reactions make me want to work more and keep building up. As a matter of fact, I already have my next song written and ready for work immediately after the pandemic is taken care of," he said.

Whether he will quit law for music is the dangling question as his next track, "Peace" is already on the way.

"Certainly not," Chris thunders. "It may as a matter of necessity and as the ethics of the legal profession will require, make me put on hold active legal practice but I can never call the legal profession a quit."

But he goes on to add: "For me, music is a medium through which I want to pass a message and if I realize that my message through music has a wider audience and impact on the society, then that's my residential address. As a matter of fact, I have so much in stock. I am however convinced that necessity and expediencies may drive my life into another line of action in the pursuit of the same vision."

Here is a little flavour on peace.

"I am working on "peace", what it is and what it's not. My focus is on the false calls for peace by those who themselves are engineering chaos. I have been working on it after the release of my first song and so far, the song is good to go. The song release is dependent on how soon we are allowed free movement in view of the situation at hand but hopefully, the song should be out by the middle of this year."

How Chris transitioned from Law to music is quite the story. But beyond that, how he can use a singular message to preach unity and togetherness is what's more important. Especially in a time when no one is doing nothing but just watching time go with dreams unaccomplished.

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