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Entertainment of Wednesday, 3 August 2022


Here is how to tell a woman she has body odour - Nedu Wazobia

Body odor is not popular. This is a general truth. It is one of the main obstacles that prevents many people from conversing with or engaging with others.
What happens next if you as a human encounter someone you find attractive yet they smell bad. What would you do in the circumstance?

That was the topic of debate on Nedu’s The Night Show on Wazobia Max TV. Nedu had a very unusual answer and method of approaching the individual who had asked the question in the crowd. Here is the query that was put forth and here is the answer Nedu provided.

Speaking on the The Night Show, an audience member asked Nedu saying: “E get this girl wey I like well well but this girl get body odor, so I no know how I wan take tell her. I wan make you advice me.“

In response to that, Nedu said:

Okay. Well, if na me, the way wey me I go take tell the person, the person go break up with me. Okay you know wetin go happen ehn, the easiest way, you go give her money. Carry like 2k or 3k, give am, say “baby, we are going to do a contest tomorrow of who smell well pass?” So you go buy your own deodorant, I go buy my own. So I don keep ten thousand naira, even if you no keep the ten thousand naira. You go spray your own, then I go spray my own. I go come outside, you go ask me wetin you dey smell like? If I fit guess the one wey you spray, I go give you money. But if you fit guess my own, na you wey go give me money. My brother, everyday tell am say na one one thousand you go do everyday, my brother, the body odor go reduce.