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Don't beg her to stay if you are broke - Kenneth Okonkwo's advises men

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo

Veteran Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo has advised men, especially those struggling financially on the qualities they should look out for in choosing a life partner.

According to him, a woman who doesn’t appreciate the little support from a partner who tries to improve is a red flag and men should flee from such women.

He said men who are financially handicapped should never beg any woman to stay in a relationship because the woman for them will never leave due to their status.

The veteran actor encouraged men to continue to focus on their growth because a woman will only "leave you when you're not making efforts to better yourself or if you are not serious about your life."

He added finally that it is not prudent for a man to go all out and do for a woman what he wouldn’t be able to do for himself all in the name of trying to impress her.

The veteran actor made this known in a lengthy post on his official Facebook page.

Below is what he said on his Facebook wall:

"Never ever beg any woman to remain in your life if she wants to leave, especially if you're struggling financially in life and trying hard to find your footing.

The woman for you will never leave you because you're broke. She'd only leave you because you're not making efforts to better your life or because you're not serious with your life. Focus on your growth.

The right woman for you will stay. I see a lot young people struggling to keep a relationship they should let go. They think it's about money.

She is rejecting you and treating you like trash and you keep giving her the small change that you're hustling hard to make, in order to impress her.

No brother. Don't do that shit. Never do that. Let her go. Focus on your journey and your growth. One day, you will thank me later for this advice".