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Entertainment of Friday, 26 June 2020

Source: MyNigeria

Daddy Freeze exposed by Akah Nnani for using Bible to defend Hushpuppi friendship

Nollywood actor, Akah Nnani has reacted to the defence put up by OAP Daddy Freeze in reaction to the backlash he received over a video which shows him dining with Hushpuppi who has been arrested for fraud.

The criticism the OAP received came from Nigerians on social media who wondered why someone Daddy Freeze who constantly criticizes pastors could dine with a cyber fraudster.

In defence, Daddy Freeze quoted Mark 2:15 with a claim that Jesus also dined with sinners.

He also put up a challenge requiring anyone to prove him wrong on the way he quoted the verse.

The challenge has been taken up by Akah Nnani who tweeted as seen below.

He wrote: "@DaddyFRZ, I just saw your response to this Hushpuppi matter. I'm quite tired of you twisting scripture to suit your selfish and carnal purposes. You also do this on purpose to deceive unsuspecting Nigerians who don't know better. Ones who don't know scripture.

Now let me interpret for you the scripture you read. Mark 2:15 In those days, Tax collectors were seen as sell outs. They collected taxes from the Jews 'their brothers' on behalf of the Roman empire. The Romans had began to 'colonise' Israel and the Jews who never wanted to be under any other nation, hated it. But the power of Rome was irresistible.

So, @DaddyFRZ the 'criminals' referred to in this scripture you read were tagged that, based on a cultural context, the same way we wrongfully tag lawyers 'liars'. Difference btw Levi & Hush (Your bestie):

What tax collectors did was legitimate work. They worked for the government. They were only seen as backstabbers. Now, these 'sinners' consisted of Roman citizens, probably soldiers who guarded the tax collectors, and 'People of the land': gentiles. People who weren't jews.

The Jews call anyone who wasn't a Jew a sinner. Hush, on the other hand, is a hardened criminal. One who has caused the suffering of millions of people including Nigerians.

Now, the difference between Jesus and yourself @DaddyFRZ. We didn't hear the discussions Jesus had with these people entirely but Jesus had made his intention clear. It was to save them and set an example that the new dispensation had no favourites. God was accepting all and everyone who came to Him. Everyone who met Jesus changed for the better. You? @DaddyFRZ

We heard you at dinner with your close friend. You weren't just there to have dinner and exchange differences of opinions. No. You praised him endlessly and told Nigerians who earn an honest living that they would be better of if their fathers were Hush's domestic staff.

You @DaddyFRZ used your platform, your voice, your influence, to normalise thievery. You placed on a pedestal, someone who had no traceable legitimate means of income.

You rode in his car and showed off the flamboyance. Possibly inspiring people to go into the same yahoo trade.

That is the difference between you and Jesus, or a disciples of Jesus. For if a true disciple had spent time with Hush, he may have been a better man, may have changed, may have restituted, may not be in prison today, may have not put the name of a whole nation in disrepute.

I see the way you handled the guy who you say 'trolled' you. The way you responded was crass. That's not the way any true disciple of Christ which you claim you are would respond. Christ is love.

Remember, you are quite older. A lot of us in the industry used to look up to you.

Any way, Jesus did save the souls of those men. He stated it there in a few verses down. He did just that.

We do not know what goal you had, or what intention you had, dining with Hushpuppi.

You asked if you were accountable to the people asking you questions. @DaddyFRZ Yes

The same way politicians and pastors are accountable, you are too. You have tagged yourself leader of the 'Free the sheeple' movement.

You are accountable to your fans and congregation who I'm sure expected better from you.

I'm sure a few honest Nigerians belong to your flock.

Till now, you have not denounced the actions of Hushpuppi.

In the end, most of us who have our heads well screwed don't need any explanation. We KNOW the truth and the falsies.

You shouldn't have said anything.

Stay blessed @DaddyFRZ".

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