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Entertainment of Sunday, 18 July 2021


Culture or no culture: Social media debates Obi Cubana's lavish funeral ceremony of late mother

Popular businessman, Obi Cubana and his guests at the funeral of his late mother Popular businessman, Obi Cubana and his guests at the funeral of his late mother

The lavish funeral ceremony of the late mother of popular businessman, Obi Cubana was the talk of the town since it began on Friday, July 16, 2021.

According to reports gathered from external sources, friends, close associates, and well-wishers donated a whopping amount of 267,000.000 million naira (Two hundred & fifty-seven million naira) and 247 cows to the family of the deceased.

Celebrities such as Davido, Phyno, Nwankwo Kanu attended the funeral which was held in Oba, a town in Anambra state.

While many have applauded the massive show of love, others have criticized Cubana's source of wealth.

Reno Omokri, a former aide to ex-president, Goodluck Jonathan also expressed concern about how Nigerians spend lavishly on funeral ceremonies.

In a post on Instagram, Mr. Omokri said he admires the Islamic way of life, especially the rule of simplicity they apply in bidding their last farewells to the dead.

He added that every human being is equal before God/Allah when they die, no matter their social or financial status.

See how social media reacted to his post

@ramsonphilip wrote: "The whole idea of flying money around and show off is so irritating and a complete turn off for me."

@blackmosco wrote: "Well said sir... But I also personally feel after touching lives and doing lots of charity can't people just be left alone to do whatever makes them happy. Luxury is a way of life and happiness for some people. If they av the means to do so then let them enjoy life because YOLO. Nevertheless u always dish out Wisdom."

@tc4sure wrote: "It’s d culture of the ibis, they celebrate death as much as life. They are not doing it to offend anyone it’s who they are. It may not make sense to other people but it’s a thing of pride for them. And I believe they should be left to do what they believe as long as no one is being hurt in d process"

@hustle_and_grow_1 wrote: "How you choose to spend your money or bury your mother should not be up for a debate."

@last_born_of_ohafia: "We embody a culture of waste and a great appetite to show we are doing better than the rest..It is enshrined in our thinking and habits..I hope we change."

@_raphyzz wrote: "The Islamic way of burial is the only thing i admire in their Religion"

@gloria.chuku.1 wrote: "In Christian churches, i so much adore The JEHOVAH Witness they keep everything moderate."

@the_crowned_prince: "Sir, I'm an Igbo man and I can tell you for free that this idea of lavishing money on burials is not our culture. It is an invention by fraudsters popularly know as 419ners who were very popular in the late 80s and early 90s. And in reality it is still fraudsters that try to maintain such ignorant lifestyle."

@bonithconcept wrote: "How about Joseph? The kings in the old testament have got royal tombs where they were being buried and I'm sure they were not cheap. Jesus' body was also laid in an expansive tomb where no one had ever been laid. Caskets may as well represent tombs today."

@pharaoh_wayne wrote: "Nigeria’s one of the poorest countries in the world, internationally known for crime & all sorts of illegalites. Y'all glorify ignorance way too much."