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Entertainment of Sunday, 12 March 2023


Comedian Igodye raise concerns over ethnic bigotry in Nigeria

Igodye Igodye

Comedian, Francis Agoda popularly known as IgoDye has taken to social media to share his thoughts on the ethnic bigotry being expressed.

In a post shared on his Instagram page on Sunday March 11, IgoDye stated that as long as one was born in a particular state, regardless of their state of origin, they have the right to live freely in that state.

According to him, a man from Zamfara state who was born in Owerri, Imo state should have the right to contest for the seat of the governor of Imo state.

He noted that ethnic groups are not the problem of the country but that some of their representatives use it to divide Nigerians.

Igodye added that if residents of a state are not told to go and pay their taxes to their states of origin, then they should also not be told to go back to their states of origin when it is time to elect good leaders.

His post reads

"If we want to pay our taxes we are not told to go and pay it to our state but when we want to vote in good leaders say, go and vote in your state.


Nigeria as a nation has over 300 ethnic nationality with a split of over 1000 dialects, decision making by our leaders The national interest of the country can only be progressed along non ethnic bias; if we must see ourselves as a nation

We do not have to belong to group that has the numbers to rule or to live any where in Nigeria. Our backgrounds and ethnic origin should not be a deterrent to our political dreams and aspiration, the thought of their ethnic origin and strength has killed so many aspirants who ordinarily would have been able to take the nation to a crescendo by way of the content of their character and ability but these dreams have been sacrificed on the altar of ethnicity.

I dare to say that no ethnic group is our problem. Some of our representatives remains our problems.

Every Nigerian born in any state should have a right of citizenship of that state. Consider that even our traditions require that the corpse of the deceased are returned to their places of origin this can only happen in a country divided by ethnicity. Citizenship should be about residence, marriage and the land of our birth. We must not continue to demonise the man from Zamfara who is born in Owerri he should have all right even the right to becoming the governor in Imo State. In the same vain the man from Nnewi born in Lagos should have same entitlement in Lagos. The continuous reference to go your state when we question bad governance or want to vote a leaders where we live but yet we are not told to go pay our taxes to our state should be put to a stop everyone should have a voice where he lives not where he was supposed to be from. Then and only then will we see ourselves as a one Nigeria and not by federal character."