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'Clout chasers everywhere' - Slaps for Tunde Ednut after comparing Mohbad to Tupac

Mohbad, Tunde Ednut and Tupac Mohbad, Tunde Ednut and Tupac

Nigerian singer turned blogger Tunde Ednut has stirred much controversy online with his admission that the late musician Mohbad and the late American rapper Tupac had remarkable similarities.

Taking to his Instagram page, Tunde Ednut stated that Tupac passed away in 1996, the same year Mohbad was born. He added that both of them were born in June, and they both passed away in September.

However, Tunde Ednut erred when he stated that Mohbad passed away at the same age as Tupac, which is 27.

Describing the coincidence as wonderful, he wrote: “Tupac died in 1996
"Mohbad was born in 1996
Tupac was born in June
Mohbad was born in June
Tupac died in September
Mohbad died in September
Tupac died at the age of 27 while Mohbad also died at the age of 27.
"What a wonderful coincidence”.

Noting the error, many took to his comment section to tackle him.

Read some reations here

It’s Morgan: “2pac died at 25

I Am Neemah: “Conspiracy theorists and clout chasers everywhere

I Am Neemah: “Another 2pac?? Abeg na who Mohbad hand over to

Ak Ayo:“This might be a coincidence but abeg it’s not wonderful

Koolola: “Was looking forward to this type of crap! Tupac died at 25 and why all these comparisons or coincidence? These people died painfully, let’s stop already!!

Kor In Effect: “Tupac died at the age of 25. Y’all doing too much. He must not align with Tupac to be great. To us, he is bigger than Tupac. Let’s just leave it at that

Chyddo: “His loss of life should not be attributed to destiny. Bro life was cut short, let’s stop the comparison already, we will soon make this whole matter look like a joke. It’s slowly dying down. Mohbad deserves true justice

Tigana Cityrock: “With due respect sir that record is not complete, you need to add on September parties killed Tupac and on September cartels killed Mohbad”.

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