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Breakfast: Five types of men every single lady must avoid

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Have you ever had a moment when you are served breakfast (heartbroken) and can’t help but wonder how it happened? You spend days listening to heartbreak songs and occasionally staring at the picture of the guy who dumped you.

Before we continue, for those unfamiliar with the term “breakfast,” pay close attention. Breakfast is a sad time during a relationship when a party (either the boy or girl) calls it quits. Simply put, breakfast is what happens when you get dumped.

Now, what if we told you that the reason you got dumped isn’t because of something you did but because of the guy’s personality? The truth is that there are many men out there who, no matter how perfect you are, would still decide to call it quit. It’s almost as if serving breakfast is in their blood.

To help you avoid getting your heart broken, we curated a special list of five types of men with high chances of suddenly waking up one morning and sending you an SMS saying the relationship is over.


Do we need to say more? Dear Sister, before giving your heart out to any guy, make sure he is not a player. The player in the sense that he is a chronic womaniser; like anything that wears a skirt, he chases after it.

One thing about these guys is that the idea of sticking to one woman doesn’t sit well with them even though they love her very much. So this causes them to cheat or call a relationship to quit to become single again.

Save yourself the stress of walking in and finding another woman in your man’s house by avoiding dating a playboy.

Mummy’s boy

While these men might seem sweet and caring, it’s always hard to please them because, deep down, they constantly compare their partners to their mothers.

Some men out there aren’t looking for a “girlfriend” or “wife” per se, and they want a mother to whom they are not biologically related and is within their age group.

So, if you are not performing a task the way they like, they will use it as an opportunity to end things with you.

Not all mummy’s boys are like this, which is why you must be very observant.

Male best friend

There is a reason why you need to properly evaluate the pros and cons before starting a romantic relationship with your male best friend.

If you rush into a relationship with your best friend because you both vibe and connect, chances are that he will sit you down one day and say you guys should go back to being friends because things aren’t working out.

For example, just because you have known a guy for over ten years doesn’t mean he is the one for you, or he would fare better as your lover.

Take time to examine if any signs of romance exist between you two. Also, remember to ensure that the romantic feelings are not one-sided because there are cases when a male best friend pities the lady.

Egoistic men

Being confident is good, but once it becomes too much, it’s just obnoxious.

Naturally, men have egos. This pride is instilled inside them, preventing them from showing any weakness. While this is normal, beware of those men with over-bloated egos.

Men with large egos tend to feel so much better than you. It instils a false belief in them that dating you is like doing you a favour. They love to live in a delusional world where they believe they are the best set of guys you will ever meet.

So, if they feel like you are not giving them the accolades they deserve, they could dump you.


Guys who worry too much can rub off on you negatively. Worrying too much often leads to pessimism because there is a tendency to overthink everything.

As a lady, it’s advisable not to date a pessimist or overthinker because while some enjoy the relationship, another worries that the relationship might not last. So, this creates a type of internal conflict.

Sometimes, this conflict becomes external as the man reaches a point where he feels like it’s better he calls the relationship to quit before you, or another factor does.