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Entertainment of Monday, 27 March 2023


BBN star, Venita stirs reactions as she explains what marriage is about to her daughter

Venita Akofure Venita Akofure

Reality tv star, Venita Akofure has stirred reactions from netizens after sharing an emotional and educating video with her 5-year-old daughter.

The actress revealed that her daughter thinks that marriage is basically for making babies and gender reveals.

She, however, took the liberty to explain to her daughter that marriage is all about partnership. She apologized to her for not having a father figure in the picture and promised to get married soon.

Venita wrote: “I get asked questions all the time about balancing Motherhood and Work. Truth is I’m also forging ahead blindly and trusting in God. I hardly post these kind of things but I just want those Queens who are doing the damn thing on their own to be encouraged.

“My kids are brought up to hold people accountable and take accountability. As much as you may try all things are not perfect. And that’s ok.

“Don’t fall under that microscopic pressure. A happy Parent is always best. I’ll never deceive or lie to my kids about the reality of Life. It’s a huge flaw in African Parenting. Tell the truth to your seedlings. Prepare the child for the road, NOT the road for the child.”