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Entertainment of Friday, 17 November 2023


'Avoid us if you can't buy hair' - Ladies warn Nigeria men ahead of Christmas

Ladies warn ahead of Christmas Ladies warn ahead of Christmas

Several women have ignited discussions on social media by revealing the kind of men that can contact them in the upcoming festive season.

As many look forward to Christmas, three women were seen in a viral video declaring in public what kind of men are acceptable to approach them.

The ladies said men who don't own a car, a house, or can't afford to purchase them the priciest wigs in town should just stay away from them when they see them.

Social media users have responded to the video in large numbers, expressing their discontent with the high prevalence of immorality and vulgarity among this generation of women.

Read some comments here

RemedyConez: "Ah Yahoo boys don finis.h us for this country See small girls wey suppose dey do their CRK assignments dey find GLK It's well"

somto_big: "People wey Dey share thesame pant , 1 pant 4 days each"

STARPAPII: "Blessing CEO talk am say this people na ashawo una no dey ever gree for am"

_oluwaseun9: "i just know that room go dey sméll"

UTDTreytips: "Meanwhile their brother on every comment section on Twitter."

Irunnia_: "If you see them, e dey obvious say them need help"

olamhi02: "For una wey de look like smigle Yi Una no even deserve keke napep Man"

Watch them speak in the video below