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Entertainment of Tuesday, 20 September 2022


Asoebi used for Queen Elizabeth’s burial to be placed in London museum

What started as a mere social media trend has taken an interesting turn.

According to Founder, Ovation Group, Dele Momodu, the viral photo of an aso-ebi with the imprint of the face of the late Queen Elizabeth has been requested to be placed in a London museum.

He wrote on his Instagram page: "It started as a joke and one of us took it seriously. The outfits were turned around in four days and delivered from Lagos to London the day before the event.

"It went viral, was on sky news and the Palace have now requested for it to be displayed at London Museum."

He shared the post after some Nigerian aunties made sure to represent the country in London.

In the viral photo, they all rocked matching aso-ebi in different colors with a photo of the late Queen Elizabeth printed boldly on it.

In the caption of the post, Momodu revealed that the fabrics were sent all the way from Lagos to London in time for the late queen’s burial.

Aso-ebi is known to be a big part of Nigeria's social life.


brother_shaddz said: A great nation ???????? that always knows how to uniquely make its mark anywhere in the world.

margaret_antai commented: Asoebi. Naija !!! Oh my. These are some of the crazy things that make us special.

woli_bughatti_official said: We unique in all ways but the glory ki!llers are our government , this not where we suppose to be by now since 1960.

ogundarebola said: Its beautiful

olusholaolivia commented: People criticising this outfits u can’t understand, if you are in a country that feed you when you are hungry cloths you when naked. You will go extra mile for them. We benefit from the country so we celebrate her demise . Let Nigeria do 1/4 for there citizen then I will know what to say. Mtchewwwww.

omotioluwabi wrote: Even queen family sef no wear asoebi, naija too much