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7 reasons to paint your car

The photo used to illustrate the story via ThisDay Live The photo used to illustrate the story via ThisDay Live

Do you love the way your car drives but hate the way it looks? It may be time for a paint job. Everyone has a different reason for giving their car a fresh finish, ranging from accidents to restorations. These are seven of the top reasons people choose to have their vehicle painted. If your car is due for a new coat be sure to leave the job to your local professional auto paint shop to ensure it gets done right.

Change the colour of your car

For some people they simply cannot handle the colour of their vehicle. Instead of going out and buying a new car it is a great idea to have the vehicle repainted to match your personal tastes.

Increase the resale value of your car

If you are thinking about selling your vehicle in the near future it may be well worth it to paint the vehicle, especially if the paint is not currently in decent shape. Completing a paint job will usually increase the resale value much more than the cost of the service.

The paint has become faded and dull

In order to return a vehicle to factory condition you may need to have computer color match painting completed. This will restore your vehicle’s finish to its original color.

Your vehicle has suffered scratches

Scratches are not only unsightly but they can result in rust. Any paint damage that leaves the metal of the vehicle’s metal body exposed can cause it to rust. If the rust takes hold it could eventually lead to the rust creating holes in the body.

Turn your vehicle into a show car

Maybe your current paint job just isn’t winning any awards. A new custom paint job can help bring home the trophies.

You are completing an auto restoration

Do you have a 1930s roadster? Or maybe a ‘60s muscle car? Well to finish off that restoration you’re going to need a beautiful paint job.

Paint your vehicle following an auto accident

Of course, if your car has been involved in a wreck it will likely require collision repair as well as auto painting in order to restore it to its pre-accident condition. (Source: Chamblee).

5 Facts To Consider Before Getting Your Car Painted

Having your vehicle painted is an undertaking that can bring a lot of satisfaction. Not only will your car look like new, its exterior durability can be significantly enhanced. Choosing to have your vehicle repainted also requires an investment of money and time.

Before bringing your vehicle to a paint or auto body shop, take some time to get the facts. Understanding what the painting process entails makes it easier to choose whether or not to have your vehicle repainted. Armed with the facts, you can make a more informed decision.

Painting a Vehicle Takes Time.

New Paint Won’t Fix Everything.

Car Painting Prices May Vary.

Painting Adds Value.

Painting Requires Removing the Car’s Interior.


Some vehicle paint shops boast a turn-around time of three days or less, but in general, you should expect your car to be in the shop for at least a week. Why does it take so much time for the car to be repainted? New paint cannot be applied directly to old paint. The fading, oxidation, and irregular surface of a vehicle’s existing paint does not allow for the smooth application of a new coat. Removal of the existing layers of paint and other prep work must be completed before new paint can be applied. If a car requires extensive prep work, it will also raise the total price for the paint job.


It’s important to have realistic expectations with repainting or paint repair. “Sometimes new paint has the opposite effect,” says Brandon Badell, owner. “If you want to paint over damage without fixing it properly, a fresh coat of shiny paint can actually highlight problem areas.”

For the best results, the auto body shop should first remove the old paint on the car and fix any damage that is present. Damage can include:





Rust spots,



Prices for car painting depend on a few different factors – mainly prep work required, the number of parts and panels to be painted, and the quality of the painted used. When you request an estimate for a car painting, ask the auto repair shop to put the included surface prep measures in writing. You will want to assure that damage will be repaired or minimized before getting repainted and know exactly which parts will be painted. This may include fenders, the inside edge of the car door or under the hood. Be sure that the estimate also includes a final clear coat for a long-lasting paint job.


Having your car repainted is an investment in many ways. Not only will you treat yourself to a vehicle with a like-new finish, you will add to its residual or resale value. By investing in repainting, you can get a higher trade-in value for an older vehicle. You can also raise your asking price when selling a used car directly to a buyer. But, for cars more than 10 years old, you should consider if the improved trade-in value will outweigh the price of repainting the car.

A functional older vehicle can be transformed with a coat of fresh paint. Just make sure that it will be a valuable investment. If the car isn’t in good condition otherwise, repainting it may turn out to be more expensive than the car is worth on resale.

Some insurance policies cover the cost of bodywork if the vehicle was damaged in an accident. Check with your insurance company to see if your coverage will help pay for the costs of repainting your car.


Many people don’t realize that vehicle paint shops may have to remove everything from the interior of the car during the painting process. This may include the dash, console, and even the seats. There is some risk that these items could be damaged by the painting process and so they’re removed beforehand. Additionally, some step in the process may be inhibited by the presence of these interior components. Removing them allows painting to be done the right way.

It’s helpful if car owners remove their belongings from the vehicle before bringing it in for paint repair. This decreases the risk of accidentally losing something important and saves the body shop time. (Source: Brandon Badwell)