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7 moments you might struggle with while fasting during Ramadan

Muslims gathered for Ramadan Muslims gathered for Ramadan

There are some struggles Muslims are all too familiar with during Ramadan.

For this piece, Pulse Nigeria spoke with two Muslims to curated these Ramadan struggles.

The struggle to wake up early to eat Sahur

Muslims are supposed to wake up for Sahur, which means they wake up by 4 pm to cook and eat before they begin fast.

Tawa tells pulse “I would rather sleep than wake up to cook. I always regret it when I eventually wake up and realize what I have done but sleep can be so sweet at that time.”

Forgetting that you are fasting

You can start eating or drinking only to realize that you are supposed to be fasting. You almost mutter the "f" word but you remember you can't even say that.

Nuru says, "I went to my friend’s house and saw a sachet of milo on the friend. I was so excited I went to make some tea, After drinking it I realized I was supposed to be fasting."

Looking forward to the treats given at the mosque

During the last ten-day; The last days of fasting, Muslims go to the mosque for meals

Tawa; "What I love about it is it is like a love feast. There is this sense of community. I love it."

Realizing adulthood is here and you have no cloth for Salah

Buying Salah clothes is the joy of every child at that time. You would wear your best clothes and walk everywhere possible. Adulthood is a different ball game.

Nuru; "I do not buy Salah clothes but this year I am looking forward to buying one."

When it dawns on you that adulthood extends to owo odun (holiday money)

Another favourite part of Salah is having people give you money. As there is no money on the ground, you might be expecting owo odun.

Nuru laughs; "I wish. Now I am the one who gives owo odun."

Checking time too often ... is the clock even moving?

It can feel like time is crawling when you are fasting. In your mind, 4 hours have gone by. You have calculated that you’ll soon break your fast soon but when you check the time it's just 10 am.

Tawa laughs, "I think that happens when you are young. You just get used to it."

Ramadan is over...everyone saying they will miss it

Some people even cry because Ramadan is over.

Tawa; "I admire those who do."

Nuru, "So to be honest when people say they miss Ramadan it’s not the hunger they miss but the blessings".