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LifeStyle of Monday, 26 April 2021


7 crazy excuses Nigerians give for cheating, according to Nigerians

A couple A couple

When we recently asked our followers on Instagram to share the worst things they've ever heard from cheating partners, we knew we were in for some really interesting, outrageous and bewildering responses.

And that was exactly what we got. The responses came in thick and fast, and they were not only outrageous, some were hilarious as well.

Of close to 500 responses, here are seven that will intrigue you.

His sister was his wife

“I couldn't come to his house because his sister who was a divorcee with a child leaves with him not knowing the young man was married. The divorcee sister was his wife.” - @missyinye

He blamed me for cheating on me

“It's your fault I'm seeing her, if you hadn't gone through my phone I wouldn't keep seeing her but because you want to control me, I'll show you I can't be controlled.” - @modadeolaoluwa

He blamed the network

“The lady sleeping beside him coughed at night while I was talking to him and he said it was a network that made the sound.” - @joicharles

He was trying to give his ex ‘retirement’ benefits

“I saw a message of him and his so-called 'EX' of him asking her to pick from the variety of potential gifts pictures he sent her, I asked him and he said he never bought her gifts when they were dating so he decided to buy her one now out of pity... chai, I can't forget mehn” - @melanieempress

She was running a compatibility test with another guy

“She said she's was trying to see if she and the guy were compatible.” - @Michael_cxt

A sweetness test

“You are too sweet. I wanted to see if others are this sweet” - @ahuoiza_slipons

He was keeping women for his friend

“Dude came to see me, lodged with another woman overnight. When I came in the morning and saw the woman's bag in the hotel wardrobe, my brothers and sisters, hear story, ‘baby, my old time friend that I saw yesterday, had a clash of two women, so he begged me to help him hide one’.

“I legit walked out of his life, u can't come and be acting Nigerian movie with my heart mtchew” - @niceyntuks