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LifeStyle of Sunday, 24 April 2022


5 ways to avoid buying cheap-looking clothes

Some clothes look cheap and unattractive Some clothes look cheap and unattractive

No matter how hard we try to separate people’s perceptions of us from how we look, it is impossible to do so.

It is important to buy clothes that make you more classy and attractive.

These are five tips to note to avoid buying clothes that look cheap:

1. Buy new clothes

Nothing beats buying brand new clothes or new clothes at discounted rates.

One popular culture in Nigeria is buying thrift clothes. Thrifted wears are usually outdated and get older easily.

2. Fewer embellishments and patterns

If your outfit has a lot of embellishments like stones, beads and add-ons or it has a very busy pattern like small flowers there is the likelihood that it will look cheap.

3. Buy brighter colours

Bright-coloured outfits like white, yellow, mustard and other paisley colours look more expensive and classy. Dark clothes like black, dark red, green and so on fade faster and look older.

4. Pay attention to the finishing

Always buy clothes that are well made. How are the seams, buttons, and collars? Is it threading? A badly-tailored cloth looks cheap and tacky.

5. Buy clothes made from quality fabrics

Always stick with the original. The fake type of certain fabrics are so glaringly obvious e.g silk, leather and lace and it makes no sense to buy the cheap versions of these types of outfit.

If you must get the fake of these outfits, let it look as close to the original as possible.