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LifeStyle of Monday, 18 October 2021


5 common mistakes Nigerian photographers make

Photographer file photo Photographer file photo

Many things come into play when taking the perfect picture; the model, the angles, the lighting and the makeup but most especially how good the photographer is affects how pictures turn out.

Some Nigerian photographers do too much and ruin the pictures.

Here are some of their failings:

1. Airbrushing the picture

The pictures are too perfect and airbrushed to be true, almost like a cartoon.

I do not know why some Nigerian photographers do this; perhaps based on their clients' requests who do not want to see any pimples or blemish on their faces.

2. Adding and removing body party

Adding or removing body parts is a problem, especially when taking pictures of women. Increasing her breasts, hips or backside should be a ‘No’ because it is obvious when a picture has been tampered with.

Sometimes, the person in the picture will have no knees at all.

Maybe she has naturally dark knees but removing the colour of her knees makes the picture look super weird as if she has no knees.

The pictures are too bright try natural or darker hues

You do not have to use a lot of artificial light to take a nice picture. Playing with light improves the beauty of the picture instead of being focused on a particular shade of brightness.

Use props to create scenery some backgrounds are just boring

Always taking pictures in a black or white background can be immensely boring. Even if the picture is taken in a studio, using props to create scenery never hurt anyone.

Finally, the picture should not be too artificial

There are some pictures you see and they look too worked on, it is not very pleasant to the eyes, natural-looking pictures are way better.