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10 unusual foods Nigerians eat

Weird meats eaten in Nigeria Weird meats eaten in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are some animals that are considered as appropriate for consumption in some part of the country.

These animals are eaten with several delicacies. some are made for soups while others are roasted, smoked, fried or garnished to preferred taste.

Although some find these foods strange, others are less bothered about the weirdness and consume to their satisfaction.

Below are some strange foods that are eaten in Nigerian.

1. Snake.

Snakes meat are common in some part of Nigeria. They are usually roasted ore cooked in stew. Some may wonder why this poisonous animal is consumed, but many who have shared their experience claim the reptile is a delicious meat especially when properly seasoned.

2. Tortoise

Tortoises are known to be the longest-living land animals on earth. This reptile is another meat strangely eaten in Nigeria and some who have had the experience of eating it say that tortoise actually tastes like chicken.

3. Palm Weevil Larvae (Ipe, in Yoruba language)

This is eaten in Nigerian and it is said to be a very delicious meat when roasted with salt.

A consumer shared that the palm weevil is found on palm trees, however, when clean, washed, fried and stewed, it tastes sweet and meaty.

Research say these larvae are extremely rich in essential food nutrients; they contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats and energy values comparable to those of beef and fish.

4. Dog meat.

Although some people see dogs to be a friendly animal and a pet, some tribes in Nigeria see the animal as a delicacy.

It is said that people in Calabar, Akwa Ibom and Ondo are found to enjoy dog meat.

5. Alligators

Alligators are related to crocodiles. This reptile is another animal eaten by some people in Nigeria.

The animal is roasted and usually spiced with pepper. People have had the pleasure of eating this predator claim it tastes very delicious.

6. Toads

It is said that indigenes of Kwara state consume this animal. it is said to be a delicacy when smoked. Some dry it like stock fish too. The dried gutted frogs are strung on long poles and displayed for sale. Consumers, soaks the frogs in some warm water and salt before use. It is usually stewed and served with rice. It is said to tastes like chicken.

7. Bush rats.

This is also known as "eran igbe" by the Yoruba people. It is spicy roasted animal meat popular for its unique taste. Bush rats are also called bush meats to some people in Nigeria. It is usually prepared with stews, soups, smoked or roasted.

8. Winged Termites

Nigerians pack them and roast them with salt inside the pot. They are said to be attracted to fluorescent lights and often congregate around the lights during nightfall.

They also come out of the bush en masse when rain falls and start circling around any source of light that they see.

9. Agama Lizard

While some see monitor lizard as a great meat suitable for “pepper soup” delicacy, it is a great taboo for the people of Umu-Ukwa in Atani in Ogbaru Local Government Area of Anambra State as it is treated like a god.

However, some enjoy eating the lizard which they say it is delicious when roasted and salted.

10. Bat

Bats are not generally recognized as a source of food/meat in Nigeria considering that less than 1% of Nigerians consume them, however, those who consume this meat enjoy it.

This bush meat is usually sold mostly along the expressway. Some claim, bat is used in the making of suya, pepper soup and kebab.