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Diasporian News of Friday, 1 October 2021


Nigeria At 61: We can solve Nigeria’s problems within 10 years - Amb. Fatuyi

President Yoruba Community Greater Accra, Ambassador Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi. play videoPresident Yoruba Community Greater Accra, Ambassador Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi.

Ahead of Nigeria’s 61st Independence Day celebration, MyNigeria correspondent in Ghana, Novieku Babatunde Adeola speaks to the President Yoruba Community Greater Accra, Ambassador Oloye Oyeyemi Fatuyi.

He spoke extensively about Nigeria at 61.

What does this independence mean for Nigeria?

Nigeria at 61 will mean a lot to us. It will mean more wisdom, more expectation of good governance from our political class and good behavior from we the citizens. We should expect all this from everyone, both from the political class and the citizens if we still want Nigeria to be in progress.

What mistakes have we made over the past 61 years that has made the country retrogress?

We have made a lot of mistakes and we have also made a lot of progress compared to many countries that got their Independence on October 1, 1960. Many African countries in Africa got independence the same day and same year as Nigeria and to be honest if you are looking at it from that angle, we are not doing badly at all.

But for who we are as Nigerians and people that want to move forward, we are expecting more. We are not supposed to be where we are with the natural resources that we have. What we lack is good governance. We lack people that are credible, people that will stand and walk the talk, people that will be ashamed of doing what is evil and negative.

We have people who come into power with a party agenda, not national agenda. It will be better if all of us decide to change our minds to walk with a national agenda and not political.

How can we solve Nigeria’s problem?

We can solve Nigeria’s problems within 10 years if we genuinely want to change them. The system is such that the political elites are enjoying Nigeria the way it is while regular Nigerians, the masses are complaining, and honestly, their complaints are genuine.

If truly our political elites will want the world to respect us for what we have at our disposal, we can all change our minds. All we need is the renewal of our mindset.

What is your goodwill message to the millions of Nigerians in Ghana?

My goodwill message will remain the same. We should be good ambassadors for the country. We have problems everywhere even in the bigger countries but they don’t turn their citizens into scavengers.

We are good people, all we just need is to be law-abiding, respect the host country wherever we find ourselves and we should work towards a better nation.