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Crime & Punishment of Thursday, 18 November 2021


How Rahmon Adedoyin’s lawyers lobbied murdered OAU student’s family for ‘peaceful resolution’

Oludare and Adedoyin Oludare and Adedoyin

Relatives of Timothy Adegoke, the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) MBA student who was found dead by men of the Osun State Police Command on Monday, have revealed that Rahmon Adedoyin, the owner of the hotel where the deceased lodged prior to his death, sent a legal representative to them before the deceased’s body was found.

Speaking with FIJ on Thursday, Olugbade, Adegoke’s elder brother, said Adedoyin, who is also the founder of Oduduwa University in Ile-Ife, sent a lawyer after him while he was monitoring his brother’s case at the police command in Osogbo on Saturday.

“Mr. Adedoyin’s lawyer came to Osogbo all the way from Ife and asked if he could see me. I asked him why he wanted to see me and he replied by asking me what I thought could be done to resolve the issue,” he told FIJ.

“I told him that for us to have any kind of talk at all, he should go into the command and advise the hotel staff that were being interrogated to tell us where they had kept my brother. He told me to calm down and suggested that we have a round table meeting.

“But I asked him angrily, ‘With who?’ He told me to calm down a second time, stating that Adedoyin is a powerful man, and that we should have a sit-down to reason together. I asked him, ‘Reason together? So you can bribe me or what?'”

Olugbade said he suspected foul play on the night of the same day and had to change hotels in Osogbo while he was monitoring the investigation.


“While I was waiting for a motorbike that would take me back to the hotel I was lodged in, between 9 and 10pm o’clock in the night, the same lawyer drove up to where I was standing outside the command and asked if he could give me a lift.

“I asked him, ‘To where?’ He said he was going back to Ife. I told him I was still in Osogbo and that he should let me be. He insisted on knowing where I was headed so he could help me. I then said I was going to Ede. But he insisted on giving me a ride to Ede.

“The fact that he was insistent on giving me a ride despite the fact that I had turned down his offer several times made me feel something was off,” Olugbade said.

The brother of the deceased also stated that he had to change his hotel that night in Osogbo when he sensed his life could also be in danger.

While speaking with FIJ, Adetola Adegoke, sister of the deceased, said she saw Adedoyin’s attorney talking to various people at Osun State Police headquarters.

“While I was also at the police command in Osogbo, I saw one of Adedoyin’s lawyers drive into the premises and talk to different people,” she said.

“I, however, can confirm to you that another of his lawyers approached my brother on the night of November 13 to lobby him into having a roundtable discussion with him,” she said.

Timothy Oludare Adegoke, father of three, was found dead in a shallow grave very close to Hilton Hotels and Resorts in Ile Ife on Monday.