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Business News of Wednesday, 12 January 2022


We provide business solutions on a large scale - CEO of Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies

Dr. Oluyomi Alarape, CEO of Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies Dr. Oluyomi Alarape, CEO of Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies

Dr. Oluyomi Alarape is the current Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies. He assumed leadership of the company in January 2021, prior to which he served as its Executive Director.

Could you introduce your company to us?

Wragby Business Solutions and Technologies is a proven leader in the technology space across Africa, the first and only Azure MSP expert in the sub-Saharan Africa.

Our competence in this area means we can provide business solutions on a large scale and in complex situations on Azure.

As a technology company, we provide services to organizations across the verticals, such as cloud platform managed services, cloud services, technology services solutions, data and artificial |intelligence.

In recent years, we have transitioned to a product company with various technology solutions to help small, medium and large organizations to scale. A few of these products are wBizmanager, SME Productivity, iBroka, wC1000 (Custody solution), wCRM among others.

How is Wragby Solutions funded?

We’re an LLC funded by four shareholders. The company is 100% Nigerian. I’d mention here that one policy of ours is forming partnerships with organizations that complement our own offerings and bring increased benefits to customers. We currently have a long term partnership with Microsoft, Darktrace, Informatica, Oracle, Barracuda, Chec Point, Sophos, Cyber Soc and most recently, SAP Africa.

Who are your clients?

Our customers cut across oil and gas, health, telecommunications, financial institutions, manufacturing, insurance, government agencies and parastata

What are the company’s USPs?

Wragby is concerned with how pervasive technology is in our daily lives, as well as how transformative it can be for the world. Our services highlighted above are designed to assist SMEs in optimizing their processes at minimal cost. We've democratized these solutions, making them more affordable and simpler to use for businesses of all sizes and verticals.

This is reflective of our vision, “to make the world a better place to live through technology.” We go above and beyond to make our technologies easier to use since we believe in adding value and exceeding customers' expectations at all times.

What does your company offer to the sector of the population that’s not technology savvy, or that has limited opportunities?

Unemployment is a problem, undoubtedly, and it is projected to have risen to 40% in our country as of end of 2021. Our LEAP program (in partnership with Microsoft) plays a role here that I believe is beneficial to the part of the population you refer to. Through this program, we have successfully trained graduates with insufficient knowledge of technology in a six-month intensive training, with automatic employment after completion of mandatory internship.

Furthermore, we have recently partnered with a financial institution on a mentorship program for employed youths, and the participants are expected to learn on the job while at Wragby, acquiring skills they otherwise would not.

What are the ambitions of Wragby Solutions as an enterprise?

Since we launched, we have evolved as a company and our operations reflect this. We are now a product focused organization with various software solutions for small, medium-sized and large businesses across the verticals.

Our ambition is to position the brand through creative marketing and key partnerships to increase visibility and drive growth that makes our business scale across the sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.

In what direction will the company be going this year?

In a nutshell, we’ll keep our eye on the ball; invest in our employees through training programs. As a company, we will be intentional in creating value and accelerating growth by making our products more customer centric. We want our brand, as well as all marketing and communications assets to reflect this.

What is the latest news from the company?

In early December we were recognized by Microsoft as Azure MSP experts in the Microsoft multi-country cluster of 80 countries.

Also relevant is our soon-to-be launched newly built customer relationship management system called wCRM. There’s a growing need for this software and we plan to fill that need. A few of the amazing wCRM features are lead management, prospect management, customer management, appointment, complaint/ticket management, and much more.

Finally, we will ensure that products such as wBizmanager, iBroka, wCRM, SME productivity, wCustody, and others provide the best value for money.