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Business News of Wednesday, 23 November 2022


'We don't speak Arabic here' — Nigerians lament over new naira notes

Nigerians react as photos of the new naira notes trends Nigerians react as photos of the new naira notes trends

Following the unveiling of the new naira notes by President Muhammadu Buhari, on Wednesday, November 23, Nigerians on social media have once again questioned the retention of the Arabic symbol on the new naira notes.

The Arabic inscription on the naira notes is called Ajami, an Arabic-derived African writing system.

Incensed by the government's decision to retain the sign, some Nigerians took to social media to register their displeasure.

Here are some reactions from Nigerians

_Gravity: "New Naira will be unveiled today. We don’t speak Arabic language here, but have it inscribed in all our currency. Forcing Islamic nation on us all."

_IF: "This Arabic language in new naira Notes is useless Nigeria is not an Arab country and it will never be."

_GE: "Is Arabic another official language in Nigeria? Why do we have the Arabic inscription retained on the new Naira notes?"

_ỌMỌ ỌBA: "Why does a currency have an Arabic inscription on it? If a tribe speaks Arabic and it's on the Naira note, then every tribe in Nigeria should have their language inscribed on the Naira note."

_Your Brother’s Bestie: "Why does the new Naira note have an Arabic inscription? Do Nigerians speak Arabic? What religious nonsense is going on in Nigeria?"

_YNWA: "Why Arabic language in Nigeria naira notes? So Nigeria has finally become Islamic nation dats wat it is right? God in heaven will definitely disappoint Buhari including his evil group to Islamization of Nigeria. If CAN association keep quiet over this, then Christian is finished."

_Nweke Akachukwu Raphael: "The Arabic inscription in the naira note should be removed, please make this trend. Nigeria is not an Islamic state."
"I don't know why the use Arabic in naira Notes a useless language is just to be in a naira Notes why is not even one of main languages."

_Jude:"So this regime failed to remove the Arabic inscription in our Naira notes. APC days are numbered, if APC rig 2023 election it will be disastrous."

_CARTER: "We have an entire Arabic phrase on our naira notes with no explanation. There ain’t no Islamophobia in Nigeria."

_Audu Peter: "Why will Nigeria redesign Naira and use Arabic write the names in Hausa are you people now trying to convert Nigeria as a whole to Hausa or calling Nigeria Hausa?"

The move by the Central Bank to manufacture new notes is to tackle issues such as counterfeiting and funding of terrorist groups.