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Theatre of Solutions: We aim to be a global platform that inspires passion for humanity' - Magaji Musa Buba

Magaji Musa Buba is the founder of Theatre of Solutions Magaji Musa Buba is the founder of Theatre of Solutions

Theatre of Solutions is a Nonprofit Think Tank addressing issues of hatred, distrust and fear arising from religious, racial, ethnic and other forms of differences threatening our overall security as people.

Registered in 2016 in Nigeria and founded by Magaji Musa Buba, this initiative tackles the divisive elements facing Nigeria and the world today.

Could you tell us about your organization?

Theatre of Solutions is an initiative with a mission to promote a sense of humanity, harnessing human and social capital for rapid human development.

This means us rendering to people services of hope and peace-building from three angles of how to; express compassion, embrace diversity and exercise a common good vision for ease of survival, cordial relationship and visionary leadership respectively.

This is our approach to building the much-needed humanity space for all, hence developing the idea of passion- for-humanity for a better world.

What is your strategy for achieving the goal of your organization?

We have a few models in place, that are proving quite effective. Our Humanity for Life Project will create avenues for people to better understand, receive and share the great gift of humanity for a better world.

This strategy is anchored on our simple and innovative Triangle of Humanity Model, which demonstrates how to navigate life through the three angles of expressing compassion, embracing diversity and exercising a common good vision along the three boundaries of safeguarding our survival, relationship, and leadership instincts.

The universal appeal of this model makes it more than just a strategy but a global call for partnership.

Is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic affecting your operations?

COVID-19 is affecting us more positively than negatively due to the lockdown that forced many people to be online for much longer hours. Consequently, they have come across our campaign, which has an online orientation.

The pandemic has also presented itself as the most single, common enemy of humanity irrespective of racial, religious or social status.

This has opened more doors for people globally to express compassion, embrace diversity and exercise a good, common vision like never before.

What are the long-term ambitions you’re aiming for, as an organization?

Our long-term ambition is to be a global platform that inspires passion for humanity, transforming it into a weapon for problem-solving. This means effectively utilizing technology to disseminate our content as widely as possible so as to create an interface where people will come to recognize our Triangle of Humanity Model as a rallying point for unity.

So far, we have five reputable Humanity Ambassadors from five countries (USA, Canada, Ethiopia, South Africa, and India). This is as a result of our Humanity
Ambassadors Program launched in August 2021.

In the long term, we expect to have Humanity Ambassadors in all countries of the world to symbolize and spread our 400 original and exotic humanity quotes for more people to live within the Triangle of Humanity instead of outside.

How can Africa develop as a knowledge economy and how can companies contribute?

By designing and developing models that are relevant to emerging challenges. Companies need to carve out a niche for themselves and go all out to get the right information required to provide the right solution in that regard.

Thanks to technological advancement that makes information readily available, ignorance is no longer an excuse for dropping the ball.

The economic relevance of accessing the right information at the right time cannot be overemphasized. In short, information is key.