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Business News of Saturday, 18 November 2023


Salary in Naira or Dollars, Nigerians can now decide how they like to get paid

File photo to illustrate the story File photo to illustrate the story

The current economic situation requires that everyone begin to look for alternative sources of income. As people would say, the economy is not smiling.

Prices of goods and services have gone so high that it has become increasingly difficult for the average person to survive the harsh economic realities.

As a reputable organization, we carried out an extensive research on various businesses that individuals can engage in. In the course of our research, we figured out that there are a few legitimate and financially rewarding businesses that you can engage in. One thing that caught our attention is the fact that you can live in Nigeria and also earn in US Dollars, this is also some good news for those in diaspora.

One of such business is premium domains. This business model have changed lives significantly, Nigerians can now work from home and earn in US Dollars.

What are premium domains and who needs them

Thousands of individuals and businesses in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, Ireland and others register new businesses or rebrand on a daily basis, these businesses are always looking for catchy, brandable, short, easy to pronounce, easy to remember names, these domain names are not the regular names. They are called premium based on the above characteristics, one more thing that distinguishes them from regular names is the cost, they are super expensive.

How do Nigerians make money from this?

While the businesses described above are willing to pay thousands (in many cases millions) of dollars to acquire these names, you on the other hand join a domain discount club where these names are sold for ridiculously low rates. For instance, you acquire the names for as low as $1500- $4000, you immediately offer it for sale to the businesses that we just described above for as much as $20,000-$100,000 depending on the value of the name and demand in the global market.

Examples of domains that were acquired and sold at the global market.

The domains you see below were all acquired at the discount club for cheap, the profit margin is ridiculously high.

As an organization that strives for truth, honesty and transparency at all times, we can confirm that premium domain business is indeed legitimate business that can allow anyone to earn in US Dollars.

Interview with current and previous clients.

Many individuals we reached out to are super excited after having their domains sold in the global market.

Olorunfemi from Ibadan acquired a premium domain for $2000 in November 2022, he got it resold using the backend sales team at the discount club for $21,000, he confirmed it was sold in April 2023. He has since purchased more and turned it into a full time business.

Mfon Edet from Lagos acquired a premium domain for $3000 in May 2023; it was resold by the backend team for $32,800 in September 2023, Mfon insists that she has never experienced profit margin of this magnitude since she ventured into trading business 8 years ago, she confirmed she has purchased more domains. She claims 80% of the domains she acquired have been sold by the backend team while 20% are in the market awaiting a buyer.

Onehi Adole, from Benue is filled with so much excitement as his case is one of those rare cases, he acquired a premium domain on his birthday July 3rd 2023 for $1500, a buyer paid for the domain August 9th 2023 for $17500.

Abiola Olorunrinu, from Abuja acquired a premium domain for $2000 in February, he is happy it got sold for a very reasonable amount in August 2023, he would not disclose the amount it was sold for but he insists he is more than satisfied and even purchased more.

Ijeoma Eze lives in Europe, she acquired a premium domain for $2000, it got sold for $21,000, she did not give dates but happy with the overall outcome.

Kwesi Mensah from Accra acquired a domain for $1500 in August 2023; it was sold for $18,500 by October 29th 2023.

Nwabuchi relocated to Canada in January 2023, acquired a premium domain for $2500, he complained about the delay, his domain eventually sold after 7 months due to his insistence of nothing less than $20,000 for the sale price. He specifically stated that he is more than happy with the final outcome but did not disclose the amount it was sold for.

Ahanna who preferred not to give out his last name, says he’s a spare parts dealer at Ladipo, he purchased his domain for $2000 in June and he was full of praise and excitement when he spoke with us that the domain was resold for $16,300 some weeks later.

How to start:

The process is pretty easy, click here to sign up, approval takes about 3-5 business days, reach out to any of the account managers for fast selling names as soon as you gain access to the portal.

Who is responsible for reselling the domain?

At Travads discount club, there is a dedicated backend team responsible for the entire sales process; they are involved with negotiations with the final end users we mentioned above. In other words, at no point will you be involved with selling, all that is done for you since you are a member of the discount club of Travads.

How soon will the premium domains sell?

That’s one question we tried to ask all those we interviewed, it varies from person to person, per the domain name, valuation and others. The team at insists that you must go with their recommendation when it comes to selecting premium domain names for purchase. Some domains sell within days, some could take weeks while some others can take months to be sold to the final end user. The fact remains that every premium domain will be sold at the global market. It is strongly recommended you speak or chat via WhatsApp with an account manager to recommend a fast selling name before making a purchase. Click here to start

What could cause the delays?

Some clients decide never to sell their domains for cheap as experienced by Muktar Garuba from Abuja, he acquired a domain for $2,000 in February 2022, he got many offers even as for as high as $21,000, he refused to sell it because he got info from the backend team that a new AI startup from California had a similar name but it was .net extension, brokers, investors, company reps persuaded that it should be sold for $25k, Muktar based on the advice of the backend team refused. The AI startup eventually agreed to a final purchase price of $73,500 in October 2023. From our research, one of the reasons for the delay in sales of premium domains is from clients that want maximum profit which is quite understandable.

Is there a physical office?

Yes, they have a physical office location in United States and many other countries including Lagos, Nigeria, majority of those we reached out insist they have never visited the office as all transactions were carried out online satisfactorily. As soon as you acquire a premium domain, a dedicated backend portal is created for you to view the progress of your domain. Click here to start

Why premium domains are currently in high demand

As new businesses spring up in various advanced countries especially in the United States, there is an increased demand for catchy and brandable names; these startups are always willing to pay incredibly high amounts for these names. Due to demand, retail prices of these names from the discount club are likely to go up soon.

Travads domain discount club have been independently reviewed by those who have done business with them, click here to read honest and transparent reviews of paid customers of Travads.

On a final note, we like to encourage everyone interested in earning extra income (in US Dollars) to take advantage of premium domains, it has proven beyond all doubts to be a reliable and stable source of income for so many individuals within Nigeria and those in diaspora. Feel free to reach out to the team at Travads. You are surely in good hands.