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Business News of Thursday, 7 January 2021

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How to go global with your company

There is a whole world that awaits you, ready to procure the products and services that you are providing. The question is, are you ready to expand your horizons?

As much as there is a large audience for you to captivate, the competition is stiff out there. You need to forge solid strategies that will help you enter and thrive in the foreign market. Here are tips on how you can go global with your company:

1. Purpose to outsource services

For small businesses like yours, joining the international market is considered the epitome of success. However, given that most small businesses operate with limited resources, the solution to making it in this market is by outsourcing particularly staff employment.

There are global employment outsourcing services that you can contract to help you recruit the proper talent for your organization. But, why is outsourcing recommended?

It saves you a lot of money that you would spend recruiting and training staff, so that they do their work to your liking.

When you have someone managing your human resource duties, you can focus on the core operations of your business which helps your company grow.

It reduces your risk of paying hefty fines for failing to comply with the staff hiring laws and regulations of a particular country.

You get access to multi-talented quality staff who help you weather the global economic storms.

It solves language barriers and cultural issues that may arise while you work internationally and helps you understand better your target customers.

2. Familiarize yourself with the global supply chain

The global supply chain is the transfer of goods and services across multinational companies to enhance profit-making and reduce wastage.

The thing about expanding your operations globally is that the more you grow, the more your supply chains become diverse. It also promotes the success of your company. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of the global supply chain will help you put in the appropriate measures so that your products reach the target audience promptly.

This approach also calls for you to develop strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers, so that they answer pertinent questions that you may have regarding the supply chain sector.

It is critical that you also familiarize yourself with matters relating to international shipping, so that you understand what is required for your product to reach the global markets.

Additionally, you need to enlist the services of an international financial advisor to keep you in check, so that you do not miss anything on the supply chain that might negatively impact your company.

3. Set up a billing system for your foreign customers

You need to take pricing seriously if you want to stay in business. When designing a billing system, you need to consider factors such as the existing exchange rate and capability of your target audience to succeed in this market. You can also adopt the new payment and billing tools that ease things up.

These tools can enable you to provide your customers with an online invoice in the language that you want while listing appropriate fee and tax guidelines.

Moreover, you can use global credit card processing solutions that are cost-effective and will help you expand your customer’s payment scope. The moment you nail these payment and pricing requirements, your global transition will be smooth.

4. Develop a strong relationship with the locals

During your expansion plans, you should not assume that the international market resembles the domestic one that you are used to.

There is a significant difference in the demographics, culture, psychographics, and geography in these two markets. You should start developing partnerships with local firms that you intend to collaborate with so that they give you a picture of what the market looks like. Such relationships will ensure that whatever content you develop and products that you create reach the target audience with ease.

Although, you need to visit the country that you wish to expand to first and meet the relevant stakeholders; so that when you get back, you can continue growing your partnership virtually.


Globalization will open you up to accessing a vast wealth of opportunities but you need to have an open mind once you venture into this sector. Outsourcing services, understanding the global supply chain, creating a functional pricing and payment plan, and developing solid relationships will help you grow in the global market.

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