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Business News of Monday, 29 November 2021


Daniel Moses: The immigrant who beats all odds in the UK

Daniel Moses Daniel Moses

Daniel Moses, CEO, Property Wealth Corporation an organization that deals in (Property Management, Property Development, Property Education, Property Investment & Partnership and Business Education)

What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I was born and raised in Benin City, Nigeria, where I studied sociology and anthropology. The essence was just to get a degree, get a job; as with the Nigerian syndrome where anyone can work wherever he is privileged, such as one who studied microbiology working in a bank. I just needed a degree to put food on my table. My goal for success got conceptualized when I completed my tertiary education at the University of Benin Edo state, Nigeria.

At a point I ventured in to different unproductive endeavors. I needed direction as Nigerian environment wasn’t providing the necessary opportunities.

Why did you decide to migrate to the UK?

I visited the UK on holidays for a few months, I made some new friends and I seemed to enjoy the life over here.

A few months after returning to Nigeria from my holiday I made the courageous decision of relocating.

I needed to migrate not for only greener pastures but for an enabling environment that could support me in becoming a better person, an environment where I could explore for the optimization of my potentials.

Tell us about your first 5 years in the UK?

The first one year was very unstable, trying to get work papers, engaged in menial jobs along with all those tough experiences that new immigrants encounter.

By an array of Providence, I luckily met the beautiful woman who is now my wife, whose affectionate relationship consolidated my resolve that it was this country, which is a right place for me. I remember back then a lot of people accused my motive of getting married was for papers and documents but today we are happily married for 15+ years with two lovely children. Proudly building an EMPAIRE together.

Initially, I was financially unstable even up till 2016, went through the university of life, when I decided to go back to Nigeria for a business startup in 2012, while living in the UK. I started an oil and gas business which initially was doing well but it eventually crumbled.

Did you ever think of going back to Nigeria?

Yes, I thought about it and acted on it. I was fed up, particularly in 2012, as I was still trying to stabilize and understand the way of life here. I lost £150k in a month which was devastating. At that time it got me emotionally depressed and caused some financial anxiety.

Gradually, I discussed with my wife and we agreed for me to head back to Nigeria and will be visiting the UK. I started an oil and gas business which initially did well but eventually collapsed. I then came back to the UK almost accepting defeat and became a delivery Driver then later became an Uber Taxi driver.

How did you get started in property investment?

It’s a striking story. It came at a point when I was seeking God’s direction in my life. I was driving my Uber taxi Car one day and needed to take a nap so I parked inside a fuel station, then I had a dream in which I had a revelation where I was in a property conference, speaking, and training, just like I’m doing today.

I woke up, later opened my Facebook, and saw a property education network event Advert for £70.00. I paid for it and that created the new trajectory of success that transformed me and changed my story.

I identified new opportunities in property business as I progressively got in contact with great minds with great ideas and great investors, subsequently Property Wealth Education was born.

What will you say to a younger Daniel Moses?

Wow ok, Let me rather turn this around, I will say thank you Daniel Moses for not giving up on you. I will say thank you for not paying attention to how many times you failed. I will say thank you for your perseverance despite the initial challenges. Through the very Darkest times Again, I will say thank you for never giving up and believing in you now and always. You see believe is everything, that why the Holy Bible says ask, seek, knock and am sure you know the rest

Did you know you would turn out successful?

In the University of Life, garbage may be thrown at you, stones and more but trust me if you understand delayed gratification and how it works, working hard then you will eventually be a success. As a natural human, looking back, I would have agreed on achieving success, but I might have also doubted it too. But I believed no matter what.

Today, I’m glad to say I have been able to impact not only the black community, not only the Asian community but the entire society through the valuable lesson’s I learned from my struggles that has now show that any body can become a success.

What was your turning point?

In 2017 everything started to make sense, pieces began to fit in with a glimmer of hope. Even though my leaning about property wealth started in 2016.

However, the first two to three years weren’t quite comfortable or easy. It was indeed very challenging, trying to get property deals and close investors.

The year 2020 was a turning point, in 17 years of struggles and my journey started to make sense.

What was the thought process that made you manage your emotions while all this was happening?

I would like to say it was spirituality, in 2016 after loosing everything I said God show up for me and I as well committed to him. He guided me throughout the journey.

Any nugget for aspiring property investors out there?

One of the key factors is the ability to compound and combine information about the business, your ability to compound your life journey as an element to add up.

People attend various property networking event, Seminar, Education etc. but they lack the ability to cross pollinate and fertilize that information.

Create a viable system, incubate it, and grow it to fruition. Be ambitious, exceed your limit, focus on one task at a go, Go ALL in and never quiet.

You’ve got to be on the move all the time, moving with your prime faculties of identifying opportunities, utilizing them promptly.

What’s your advice to people out there going through life challenges?

Challenges are the norms of nature. Be resolute. Perseverance is the key word.
Don’t despair or feel knocked down. Be a tiger, never exhausted in a race.

Finally what is your mission?

Mission is to build people with my story, show them the opportunity that it’s their faces, in front of them and finally show them how to build wealth using a creative mindset. With glory of God, I will be glad to have make an impact to black community, the Asian community and entire society through the values I have in so that many can overcome their struggles.