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Music of Wednesday, 14 September 2022

Source: Ella Okunmwendia

The Beat-Oven releases new EP ‘Under-Sided’

If Under-Sided were a movie, The Beat-Oven would be the protagonist who makes the viewers scream in anger, cry, dance and smile. The five-track EP, his first project of the year, dropped on July 15, featuring his frequent collaborator, Deeachi. On Under-Sided, the Nigerian sound designer stays true to his style, with a distinctive blend of classical, pop, EDM, afro-fusion, RnB, and trap music.

Chukwunonso Asiadachi revealed he wrote the EP at a time he was stagnant and in a state of confusion. Despite this, he had the energy to keep churning music, which resulted in the creation of "Back in Time," "Over You," "Hypnotised," "Dance," and "Now or Never." His lyricism and Deeachi's dreamy and soothing vocals make The Beat-Oven's self-composed EP the perfect piece for a coming-of-age movie soundtrack.

The Beat-Oven gives a classical intro to Under-Sided with the string-filled "Back In Time." Feeling betrayed by his partner, Nonso regrets meeting his lover and wishes to turn back time. The afro-fusion producer makes a u-turn in "Over You," where he declares his intention of holding on to his lover. "I'm tryna make you mine again," sings InterludeTheArtist in his guest verse.

Living up to its title, "Hypnotised" is a mesmerizing tune filled with harmonies and melodious adlibs. In the Taves-assisted song, The Beat-Oven finds himself under a spell and needing his lover's affection. "Dance," the fourth track on the EP, sees him invite his lover to boogie and get lost in the music. The song features a Spanish verse from Latino rapper Sadavila. The EP ends with the pop song "Now or Never," which sees The Beat-Oven transition from a hopeless romantic to giving up on love. Recalling the constant heartbreak, he boldly sings, "I don't wanna do this again, cause all the girls are the same."

The Beat-Oven is known for his experimental sounds, as evident in Under-Sided. Now in his third year as a professional producer, he continues to create a path for himself, blending old soul with facets of pop culture. His music journey began through a conversation with Nigerian singer WhoisAkin, who led him to discover his talent. He has worked with several rising acts, such as WhoisAkin, Droxx, Deo, Oreo, and Deeachi.

Enjoy the experimental sounds of The Beat-Oven by listening to Under-Sided on Apple Music, Spotify and other platforms HERE. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram (@The_Beat-Oven).