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Music of Tuesday, 4 February 2020


Praises, and more praises as Blackmagic's drops 4th album after five-year hiatus (Review)

Cover of Blackmagic's latest album play videoCover of Blackmagic's latest album

From the cover, Blackmagic's intentions are clear. Ever since the January premiere of his latest body of work, BlackMagic 3.0 (Starving Artist), it's been all praises and praises for the talented singer who in my opinion could be termed underrated.

His cool and mellow tone features all over the 13 track album, starving you for more as the album cover suggests. He experiments with all sorts of melodious beats to show his dexterity. But hasn't the wait been too long?

It obviously has. It's notable here that Blackmagic has a reputation for releasing self-titled albums. That does not take away the fact that Blackmagic is an off-and-on traveler in this game. But every time he has taken a break to work on a newer project, he has surpassed the bar.

So far 4 albums have been credited to his name. Blackmagic (Version 1.0) released in 2011, Blackmagic (Version 2.0), came to light in 2013; Black Friday was released in 2015 and now, Blackmagic Version 3.0 (Starving Artist) has made the 2020 cut.

One pattern is common here. Blackmagic likes to take two years off to drop bars. While his most recent song was released in February 2019, it took him 5 years from his third album to churn out this one.

What's different? It's didactic. Funny enough, Blackmagic has always been didactic right from time.

Audience approval has been nothing less than terrific. And just to add, the song "Dreams" is completely terrific! If you are a high-end achiever, you should listen to that track! Koole is off the hook: "Got a new boyfriend but she still wants to f**k me" is a line that resonates. You can play it over and over again.

@bizzleosikoya tweets his approval. He says, “They told me hit Spax, if you want a hit” - @ejayblackmagic

Not to forget! Tems baby was on the album as well.

Imoh describes Blackmagic as one of the best artistes in Nigeria.

If you haven't listened to anything for love, well just have a listen.