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Eugy documents the two sides of sex on ‘4 Play’ [EP Review]

Cover Art to Eugy's EP play videoCover Art to Eugy's EP

‘Eugy Official, music so sensual...’ Any Nigerian would remember Mr. Eazi chanting out those words on smash hit, ‘Dance For Me’ or ‘Body,’ the two songs he has made with British-Ghanaian artist, Eugy.

In 2017, Eugy released one EP, Flavourz. While that EP felt excessively tailored to tastes and sonic direction, Eugy finds a balance between concept, uniquely diverse sonic direction and lyrical concept on 4 Play - his latest four-track EP.

If this writer is right, the concept of this EP is very simple; on one hand, ‘4 Play’ is a stylized version of ‘foreplay.’ This will allude to the amorous and sensual direction of Eugy’s topics on this EP - it is filled with sexual innuendos. Then, the EP also has four tracks - hence, the ‘4 Play’ would mean ‘four songs on an amorous journey.’

While the love story didn’t quite end well on ‘Love Blind’ as Eugy sings, “If I could press rewind, I promise you I would,” the relationship did start well on ‘4 Play,’ a Trapsoul song which sees Eugy switch deliveries between accents and lingo. The sex was good on the song and that the girl called Eugy back to say she had a “really really good time.”

But by ‘Love Blind,’ the relationship had crashed after Eugy’s character was caught cheating on a night out with the boys. On a beautiful R&B production rich on guitar chords and bass riffs/legatos, Eugy killed a hook as he rehashes the harsh details of infidelity. In fact, the quality of that hook is outstanding.

While sex fostered a great love as Eugy described on the Afro-swing numbers, ‘Forever’ and ‘Feeling,’ the greed for sex also ruins the relationship. Nonetheless, this EP excels on some impeccable pieces of production - be it the zapping strings on ‘Feeling’ or sonic zenith that ‘Love Blind’ generates for its hook.

With this level of quality, logic suggests this project should have been longer, but at eight minutes long, it has high replay value.

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