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Regional News of Wednesday, 27 July 2022


Zamfara Warlords: Worried Nigerians react to BBC Africa Eye documentary

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Nigerians on social media have shared their thoughts on the recent BBC Africa Eye documentary that sought to uncover the reasons behind the senseless killings by bandits in northern Nigeria.

The expose tagged "The Bandits Warlords of Zamfara", revealed some hidden truths while it answered some questions posed by Nigerians about the menace with a focus on Zamfara.

After the premiere on Sunday, July 25 social media was thrown into a frenzy as Nigerians, home and in the diaspora discussed the issues that has become topical issue and spreading fast countrywide.

It has also led to the loss of lives and the destruction of properties leading to abject poverty of victims.

Below is how Nigerians are reacting on various social media platforms

@grandhustle0 wrote: "Goodness me. This is an horror show this BBC investigation.. Hands in the mouth the whole time. This gave many contexts I wasn't aware of regarding the ongoing war up north. The Journalist who covers this investigation is a very brave man. he has ma respect!! Damn! #BBCAfricaEye"

@DejiAdesogan wrote: "I just watched @ankaboy's #BBCAfricaEye Documentary “The Bandit Warlords of Zamfara” on youtube. It is obvious that winning the banditry war isn’t limited to military operations, but with effective & result oriented non-kinetic approach & good governance."

@Dawa419 said: "I have my reason for leaving the Nigeria Army, which is to vigorously campaign for Peter Obi and I won't sleep until my energy is exhausted on PO. Obidient support musa in prayers and campaign materials, Football jerseys, fliers, banners, etc. It is our task. #BBCAfricaEye"

@SonOfYusufu wrote: "Watching this girl in that Bandits Warlords of Zamfara #BBCAfricaEye documentary made me admire her confidence even though she was being filmed. She truly spoke from her heart. Wished I could afford to give her the scholarship to continue her studies."

@judosac wrote in a thread: "#BBCAfricaEye all of you should not be fooled, BBC manipulated the documentary to make it look like it was an ethnic clashing. Why are they moving down south? Remember what the released prelate of Methodist church said, remember what, Obadiah said, remember what TY Danjuma said.

Are you not seeing the Hausa Christian community that has been killed over time? Go to kaduna and ask about them it's dominated by the hausa, koggi, Benue, Ondo, Illorin etc. BBC should learn how to give an unadulterated stand.

@walegates said: “30,000 bandits operating in Zamfara”#BBCAfricaEye Zamfara na just one state for Nigeria o, how many bandits dey operate in the rest?"

@arizzto1011 said: "This is an interesting documentary. Like Peter Obi have been saying, the ones we failed to educated yesterday and the ones that will disturb us today. What these people need is education, basic amenities. We are facing the same in the south but we choose not to carry arms."

@UtaziJay wrote: "The fact that Abuja, the seat of power and hotspot for diplomatic relations, is now taken over by insecurity scares me to hell. Our country is going down the drain by the day and we’re not even noticing. Nigerians, wake up, 2023 will be a fight to finish!"

@manolospanky said: "Scary documentary I watched it last night smh"


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