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General News of Friday, 24 December 2021


Yuletide: Nigerians react to rising costs of cooking gas, foodstuff

The photo used to illustrate the story The photo used to illustrate the story

The Christmas and New Year holiday is around the corner and typical of Nigerians, plans are underway to make it memorable booth on a personal and family levels.

But the recent turn of events have not made it easy of citizens.

The price of cooking gas is soaring, cost of food stuffs in the market is climbing and yet salaries still remain constant.

By 2022, the Federal Government is even planning to finally remove subsidy on petroleum products with a promise of paying N5,000 monthly as transport allowance to the poor.

One is left to wonder, if 2021 can end ok this note, what will 2022 portend?

Based on this, MyNigeria went to town to hear the views of selected Nigerians on these recent developments.


1. Kazeem Badmus

My name is Kazeem Badmus. I am a resident of Osogbo. The high cost of cooking gas is very unfortunate and it is sad that we find ourselves in this situation in this country.

The price as of today, some sell it for N750, some N720 some N700 and these prices are very high. For a person to buy gas at this price is too much and if you look at what is happening if something is not done about it soon people will have no choice then to go back to the traditional way of cooking like using fire wood, kerosene because not everyone can afford to buy gas.

I used to cook anyhow because it was less cheaper then but now I have to think twice before putting on my gas. I want to plead with our leaders to find a lasting solution because if we continue like this I wonder what will happen to those who can't afford to feed theirselves talk less of buying gas?

The increasing cost of foodstuff is also another problem as there is nothing to write home about.

Every day prices keep increasing when ever you go to the market. I was at the Igbona market on Saturday and I heard that rice is still N1000 per Kongo even though the Kongo is not the normal one they use.

If you buy a Kongo of rice you will get 7 to 8 cups and it is unfortunate that we find ourselves in this situation of buying rice for N900 and now beans is N1500.

We are now in the festive season. Chicken is sold for N7500 and I doubt if people will have a good festive period this year.

2. Yusuf Oketola

Based on research that I carried out a couple of months ago when gas was still about N600 per kilogramme, I decided to reach out to some gas outlets.

What I was told was that the problem is from the depot where they get the gas so the export rate is very high now and transportation from the depot to their own place is a factor that led to the increase.

Also, the tax rate. We have been told that the drivers that transport the gas, the vehicle that are used in conveying the gas to their depots.

The tax is high and all these put together made the price of gas to increase.

Also, based on my observation as I had to talk to one customer who came to buy gas. What I was told is that they have reduced the quantity they fill.

This means, if it was 6kg they fill before now it is now 2kg or1kg so they are finding another alternative to using cooking gas, maybe charcoal, kerosene, firewood.

As per the high rate of foodstuff. This has been a long time problem in Nigeria we have seen that any time festive season is approaching, food prices also increase.

3. Adetoro Adeoye

So I just want to talk about the increase in cost of cooking gas, fuel and foodstuffs as we are approaching the Christmas.

I will like the government to find something to do concerning it because the way things are going higher everyday now is not okay.

Money is even scarce these days. That means government must find something to do concerning it.

Gas has already been increased everyday and we want the government to do something concerning it before the end of Christmas so that everybody will benefit from it.

Concerning fuel, I was told they will increase it to N340.

My advice to the government is that, they should look at those people who don't have money in their pocket, it is not everyone that will benefit from that N5000 they said they are going to pay the people as transport allowance once subsidy is lifted.

It is all the people that are not rich that they have brought all this on our necks.

They should look at those people that have something to do, like some people maybe they have not paid the N30000.

Even the N30000 at the end of the month, there is nothing on ground, and they are some debts you have to pay before the N30000 will be paid.

I will like the government to do something concerning that, and concerning the foodstuff, my advice to those people selling foodstuff, some people are putting more interest on it because they know the Christmas is getting close, because of that they have started selling their foodstuff higher.

They should look at those people that have too much money in their pocket and the more the buy the foodstuffs they should reduce the price as well.

4. Afolabi Muyiwa

I want to talk about the increment of fuel. Nigeria is good but we don't have government, that is why fuel has been increased three times this year.

Christmas is coming now everybody wants to travel. I too will travel to my hometown. I will have to pay N3000 for transportation instead of N2000.

That is why I am insisting that we don't have government.

As for the foodstuff, I hear that bag of rice is now is N28000 before it was N25,000 and N26,000.

If you go to Ibadan, it isN23 and Lagos, it is N21. I don't know what is happening with this government?

The government is suppose to do something for the people in the country because not all fingers are the same.

Maybe I'm collecting N5 this man here can be taking N2. All fingers are not equal and you cannot get your salary regularly.

I am pleading with government to do something during and after the Christmas and the new year festivals.

Now gas is increasing every month. Last time I bought gas at N650 per ow kilogramme. Now it is N750. That is why I am pleading with Nigerians to please vote wisely in 2023.

Now that gas is N750 per kilogramme, maybe before Christmas it will be N800nd I pray that God will take perfect control.

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