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General News of Monday, 30 October 2023


'You are a G.O.A.T' - Nigerians hail Rufai Oseni after clash with Onokpasa

Rufai Oseni and Jesutega Onokpasa play videoRufai Oseni and Jesutega Onokpasa

Following the heated argument that erupted between Rufai Oseni, co-host of the Arise Television Morning Show and Lawyer and APC chieftain, Jesutega Onokpasa, Nigerians have been reacting on social media.

On Monday, October 30, Mr Onokpasa accused Oseni of disrespecting him on live television.

The fight begun after Oseni told Mr Onokpasa that he was misrepresenting the facts by saying President Tinubu never announced subsidy removal.

The heated exchange went on with Onokpasa calling Oseni a liar and a little boy. He also refused to answer further questions from Oseni in the course of the interview.

Oseni who took to his X page, moment after the show laughed at the incident, calling it a planned attack on him.

"Hahahahah Flawed game plan attack Rufai on Air, jaded. I stick to the facts always, I don’t do sentiments," he wrote.

Many Nigerians have since taken to social media to react to the viral video.

Some praised him for always putting it out to the ruling party who are allegedly beginning to twist the truths.

@aai_austin: You can easily see he's trying so hard to create the fight just to shy away from the question.

@JaypeeGeneral: You are a G.O.A.T. We are always proud of you

@JVeebrand: You are a true Patriot.

@Balatic: Rufai will always dust them because once you don’t have any corns in your pocket, you’ll always have the superior argument

@MissPearls: Thank you very much for putting that thug in his place. I loved his tears

@Onlineguru_: you should change your username to Ruffy the Agado Slayer

@Saint_banix: You're doing well. Continue to hold their balls until they start doing things right

@Ice_tweetz: You were really professional. The guest only mission today was just personal attack. E get you for mind since

@Kendo1612: You keep doing the Lord’s work and we thank you for it. He heard Abati is Back so he came to dance Kokomo on live tv.

@GinjarTV: Oga Rufai is that how to talk to your Elders, you’re wrong o, since BAT entered.

@eecredible: What peppers them most is that your smile and laugh. It gets to them directly, I watched that video 10 times. keep doing the great work Rufai.

@trendwithola: I'm sure they told that APC man to avoid Rufai. It was very clear. You haven't said anything before he started crying like a baby.

Watch how it transpired below;