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General News of Thursday, 25 June 2020

Source: MyNigeria

Why ladies shouldn't pretend to enjoy bad sex - Writer, ToniTone

Writer Toni Tone has said that ladies who pretend to enjoy bad sex are doing themselves a disservice.

In a series of tweets, Toni Tone stated that what ladies should do after bad sex is a discussion with their partner on how to improve the sex life in the relationship.

Read her post: "Ladies, we do ourselves and our partners a disservice when we pretend we’re enjoying bad sex, fake orgasms, or keep quiet about what we enjoy, in an attempt to preserve feelings and egos. Be open and honest about your wants, likes and dislikes. Sex is for our enjoyment too.

"Sadly society has led many women (and men) to believe sex is something that happens ‘to’ women as if they are passive participants. We aren’t. Women enjoy intimacy just as much as men do. Women have sexual preferences and need too.

"Ladies, if you don’t enjoy elements of the sex you have with your partner, talk to them about the things you’d like to do less/more of. This is easier to discuss when you create an open space for them to do the same, so also ask them if there’s anything they would change.

"When it comes to encouraging helpful and honest dialogue about sex, stripping away your ego is important. We’re not all expert lovers in the bedroom, despite what we want to think. However, we can become much better lovers to our partners with the help of open communication".

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