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General News of Friday, 24 March 2023


'We don't need US to be Africans' - Reactions as US threatens Uganda over anti-LGBTG+ law

Yoweri Museveni and Joe Biden Yoweri Museveni and Joe Biden

The United States on Wednesday, March 22, issued a warning that sanctions will be imposed if Uganda's anti-LGBTQ legislation was passed.

A day before that incident, lawmakers in East Africa had passed the bill with a majority vote, much to the anger of campaigners and human rights organizations.

In reaction to the US's warnings, the Ugandan government shared earlier tweets from president Yoweri Museveni that outlined the nation's staunch rejection to same-sex relationships.

In his message, Museveni encouraged the western nations to quit spending time trying to impose their customs on other people.

The government also referred to Museveni's initial statement in 2014 during an interview with CNN that Uganda has enough room to live independently and conduct commerce with others if Western nations do not want to cooperate with them due to the country's stance on homosexuality.

Uganda is a nation that values tradition and adheres to strict religious principles. It is well known that the president has harsh words for gays.

Several social media users commended the Ugandan government for taking a stand against the anti-LGBTQ+ law and not being bothered about the US threats.

Others believed that if the US severed ties and stopped offering financial support to Uganda, the country was unfit to be an independent nation.

Read some comments below:

NsubugaDerric: "since we don't force them to agree with our norms, they must understand that they cannot force us to copy theirs."

LucretiaThanya: "Stop this arrogance what do we have? this government can't even satisfy the hospitals with medicine, can't pay teachers their salaries, can't help Ugandans, what do we have exactly?"

LytoRymzAFC: "Wow. This is my government. I wish we can show these guys that they're not our backbone. I wish we can show them that they have been smoking the wrong substance, thus thinking we need them 2 survive. We don't need western 2be Ugandans. We don't need Europe or America to Be Africa"

amossemalulu: "This is sheer nonsense! You can’t live on your own even without a basic hospital facility in a country after 38 years in power. Your children give birth in Europe, your MPs access health services in the US and your Ministers die in the UK. Shameless"

Wuod_Jerry: "Mama Africa keeps winning. All African states should embrace petroyuan to humble America and EU."

OnesmusAtukunda: "The level of desperancy in the world today has gone too far. Everyone desperate/ extremely needy and anxious. It's sad that we are calling this love. The west is desperate for global influence like most African politicians are desperate for power locally."

charles_ibuge: "Absolutely right decision it's wasn't must dat for us to be Ugandans we should be in hand and hand with US .if dat wasn't a case den God wouldn't have created us as different nation God gave as enough resources to sustain our lives here in our land we are tired off being miss led"

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