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Tolani Alli: The secret weapon behind Osinbajo's brand appeal

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in Bayelsa on official visit_Photo: Tolani Alli Vice President Yemi Osinbajo in Bayelsa on official visit_Photo: Tolani Alli

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Photography has become the most important tool in enhancing the brand appeal of a personality or product.

Globally, top brands, personalities and institutions have found it useful to invest in this aspect of their brand due to the sort of message they want to put across.

While we grew up believing photographers or photography were meant for some ceremonial occasions, the use of the tool has changed over the years.

In politics, photography is vital to propagating the works and deeds while telling a story about whom has been captured.

One person who has caught the attention of many is Tolani Alli, the official photographer for Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo.

Her role in the Vice President's small circle is as critical to his success as far as his public image and persona are concerned. Through her lenses, she is saddled with the daunting task of ensuring Osibanjo, who is in an important phase of his political career is sold to Nigerians as a product worth purchasing.

Her role will be to compliment the accomplishment of the Vice President every step of the way. Having begun working in the office of the Vice President in, August 2019, the reviews for her works have been positive.

She has succeeded in selling Osinbajo as a leader, a thinker, an affable personality, and a father whose fashion game is top-notch.

She is the second woman to serve in that position. The first was Novo Isioro.

Isioro is a Nigerian visual communication strategist and photographer. Between 2015 and 2019, she was a presidential documentary photographer in the Office of the Vice President.

Tolani is one of the few women photographers in the world who has managed to break the bias and doing exceptionally well in her field.

As a documentary photographer, her images and stories have been featured across top media organizations in America, Europe and Nigeria. She has worked with BBC News, World Press, and The Guardian (U.K), among others.

Her work with The Guardian (U.K) was a special report on the oil spill in the Niger Delta.

Another remarkable observation about Tolani is her ability to be a pacesetter for other Nigerian women who are passionate about photography. She is also known to advocate for equality in her field.

Tolani was the first African to be enrolled in the debut of World Press Photo Noor Images and Danish School of Photojournalism/Media Documentary Program, which she completed with honors. She was also recently named in the top 30 of 100 of most influential young Nigerians, according to her official website

In an interview with Netflix on the documentary titled, "Strong Black Lens", she stated that she wants to be known as an authentic photographer whose images and stories project hope to society.

"I feel like we also have to be careful about, as photographers in terms of projecting, like our subject matter and protecting. Because when you try to go out to show for instance that a subject is violent or this is struggle or poverty. And then you have a subject that has so much strength and character and there's so much power in their story, you have actually robbed an audience of hope. One of the things that as photographers we have to ask ourselves; that question is, 'What do you want to be known for?' Hmm right? Authenticity and projection of hope." she said.

View some powerful shots of Yemi Osinbajo she has taken below:

This article was written by Barbara Esinam Bonney | Twitter: @_barbarabonney

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